Evening thread on Thursday feat poll

Hello, how are you all this evening?

@profk would you like to guess what I’m having for dinner? :blush:

Edit - obviously I want to know what everyone is having for dinner please!

Do you tip your hairdresser?

  • Yes ofc, standard procedure these days
  • No, ofc not. It’s already too bloody expensive

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More polls welcome!

I did pre lockdown when I paid cash, but I messed up last week when I just tapped my card to pay.

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I don’t tip myself but maybe I should!

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Don’t usually tip, although i haven’t had a haircut since the pandemic began, if I did I would

Ps. I just exfoliated with sugar scrub and my skin feels amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I highly recommend it!

Round it up to the next 5.

I’m already paying him to cut my hair, don’t understand why I’d pay him extra for the same thing

Anyway, I’m good because I’m off out drinking later at one of the Festival pop up venue launch nights.

I’m not sure exactly which venue it is though, since they all move around every year

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The awkwardness of not.

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Think lots of barbers and hairdressers make fuck all as they often need to rent the chair, their equipment is really expensive etc, so make up a lot of their money from tips. Lived with a hairdresser once and that’s what they told me anyway


Fair enough, the guy I go to owns his own place though so I reckon it’s fine

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Not enough dinner chat itt yet imo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t like tipping as a concept and think it should be eliminated. So I’m reluctant to do it in any situation where it’s not already basically mandatory like a restaurant. Paying employees should be the responsibility of employers (and governments to ensure a living wage). In the case of hairdressers having to rent a chair, the more customers are willing to pay for haircuts, the more salons will charge hairdressers. Customers giving some cash directly to the hairdresser doesn’t really get around that in the long term.

I agree. I’m just awkward in situations like that. I already find the experience of getting my haircut stressful, although I go to the same hairdresser and can chat away to her.
I didn’t want my hair blow dried (just going straight home what’s the point? And it’s boring sitting in this chair and I’m hungry) but I ended up having it done anyway…

Used to give em a quid or two. Do it at home now, so it’s n/a for the poll.

Hello hello

Think bank holiday traffic is already starting judging by my journey home. Sun is out though so going to sit in the garden for a bit and chill

Dinner is curly fries, lindaMc burger and peas

Had to do a ‘difficult conversation’ today and it was horrible. Don’t know quite how to approach it all tomorrow.

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I give mine a happy ending.

still cutting my own hair, getting pretty good at it

My hairdresser is he_2 and I while he’s extremely cheap I don’t think he’d let me pay him any more

Dinner is… yet to be eaten. I’m on a train then I have a boat to catch :disappointed_relieved:

BFFs coming to stay tomorrow
@avery is making dinner on Saturday

Friday dinner
Long winded option 1. Sumac salmon with yellow courgette and tomato gratin
Easy option 2. Simply slow roast a load of tomatoes, onion and garlic and stir through pasta, serve with some crusty bread smothered in garlic and parsley butter

I’m making a pudding which will take over an hour to prepare

  • Option 1, make an effort!
  • Option 2, you’re giving yourself too much to do, they’ve come to see you and enjoy your delightful company

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On my own: day 5

Getting a bit twitchy and all over the place

Was in a seminar today CW: violence, police brutality, killing

One of the activists who was present at the Lekki Toll Gate massacre gave us their first person testimony today. I was in bits but the courage on display was so inspiring at the same time

…and then you click ‘leave meeting’ and pop you go from being in a completely open-hearted room with 80 colleagues to being completely on your own

Weird feeling

Not sure what to do with myself

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