Evening Thread sponsored by Tebay

Evening all, I’ve just finished a long stop off at Tebay where I had a lovely view, a lovely fish and chips and then… in the shop I discovered that White Stuff have created my profile pic in skirt form! I keep thinking it’s Friday, but that might be because I intend to do no work tomorrow.

How bout u?


I have never been to Tebay.

Left over pasta for tea.

Nap didn’t really do the job so having some irn bru.

Catching up on the apprentice.

Had a nice easy day lined up tomorrow but just got lumbered with some stuff today.

Also wanted to go in late so could watch the rugby world cup game but will just have to watch it when I get in.

Off to meet some sexy sarf London lads and ladettes from the internet.



Dinner and pub quiz with the TV, my dad, my sister and maybe her boyfriend.
My dad and his girlfriend of about a year split up a week back. Thing is, he’s told my sister and, I think, all 3 of my brothers. So I know but he doesn’t know I know. And my sis had a major fallout with her boyfriend last weekend. So it could be an interesting dynamic…

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Evening all

I’m going to:

  • do some thank you letters for the foodbank (which is very important to me etc);
  • make some naan for tomorrow night’s dinner;
  • make some marinades for the same.
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Some fish finger baguettes for tea, evening toiling over the ‘flags of the world’ jigsaw puzzle a little more. Great therapy, that.

Off tomorrow, so a mini lie-in awaits.

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Doing some laundry, packing for the weekend, watching Gilmore Girls

Still hungry after dinner and I’m so tempted to go to the shop and get some chocolate but I’ve already had a pack of M&Ms and a mini chocolate twist pastry today

I’m playing football in an hour. Can’t really be arsed.

I should have quite an easy day tomorrow though.

Just reupholstered a dining chair. Couldn’t be arsed to do the other three, so will save that excitement for the weekend. Might cook some potatoes. Last day of my current job tomorrow - fully intend to do nothing all day.

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Just had Pho, now off to see ó (eskimeaux) and (Sandy) Alex G. Should be fun. First gig since December last year.

Played some 2p machines and won 2 tacky keyrings. Productive afternoon.


About to make a tofu and aubergine curry.


Love that dress

Had a nap
I’ve just eaten quesadillas
Gonna watch broad city, south park, ultimate fighter and bake off then go to bed.

Just had some chilli that I have been cooking for a while. Also joined the gym today - went to pick up my membership card and it was pretty intimidating in there, especially as I’ve never been in a gym before.

Just hanging out and listening to the new Floating Points track over and over. Need to do my finances but that is so boring.

TEBAY is the best :+1::grinning:
Tuxed up and heading to a shindig

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Evenin’ all. About to shower and meet my GF for a drink, after which we’ll finally watch the original ‘Blade Runner’.

I had the gym thing just last week.
Scary as fuck for the first time or two. It goes. Nobody gives a fuck and usually people are friendly if you need help with how something works etc.
Good on you for signing up and try to get a good routine that works for you going :+1:

Yeah it’ll be cool, just need to be a bit ‘fuck it’ really. Doesn’t help that it’s all in Swedish :joy:

Looking forward to getting into a routine though, for sure

Oh fuck. That’d mess with me ! :smile:

The goodest of evenings to you DiS!

Been to the gym :muscle: YASSS.
Dinner is in the oven.
I really like that skirt @laelfy! Did you buy it?
@Lo-Pan SHOW US YER TUX! DiS will break with all the swooning but it’ll be worth it.

Alright, Anthony Kiedis