Evening thread: Thursday edition





I was meant to be somewhere tonight but too hungover/tired so just staying in with Netflix instead. How about you? Yes, YOU


Still in work for another ten minutes. Was thinking about meeting some mates to watch the Apprentice, but Mrs HYG isn’t feeling great and I’m off booze until the weekend, so we’ll just go home and watch it together.


Mitski gig tonight.


sick as a dog (s.a.a.d) and in bed, sweating like a fool

could really do with a mate dropping me round some beautiful goodies, but that isn’t likely to happen. guess it’s a bloke thing to just suck it up/show no sign of weakness/not be a pussy etc

wish I wasn’t a bloke

might not be a bloke thing



Still undecided, was going to go and see a post rock tinged Canadian indie folk thing at my local venue, but I listened to them and they sounded a bit too similar to Coldplay than I am comfortable with, but if I go it will justify going for a meal first so I probably will


Off to see my mates band jc flowers support ultimate painting for free
gonna get sloshed


Not much. Heading home for the weekend so need to pack a few bits of clothing.

Looking forward to seeing what divs are on the apprentice.


Listening to the new Goat album 'cos I’m supposed to be reviewing it. Will probably watch Ireland play Georgia later in the football with a bunch of my all time dogs.


drinking wine and listening to the wedding present (george best)

feeling proper autumnal today. s’well good


*All Time Goats


you seem a lot chirpier today man. this is a good thing


On the train into London. Work was busy. Still achey from last nights football. Seeing Mitski in a bit, should be fun even if I regret it in the morning.


mighy do some upper body weights this evening. I was getting shrugged off the ball at times at football last night.

I don’t really like being at all buff, really. I wish I was a skinny indie type like most people here. but I especially don’t like being outmuscled during footy.


going to a talk with margaret atwood tonight. Used to really like her but not sure i cba anymore. Might go for pizza after tho bd


Cheers fellers. One day at a time etc


Woah didn’t know there was a new one. Some of my old time dogs/goats are coming up to visit and go see them in a couple of weeks.


I bought a sprinkle doughnut at wenzels (it’s accidentally vegan and 100% delicious) but I had a sprinkle on my face for most of my train journey without realising argh

Just one blue sprinkle on my chin :sob:


oh yeah, I just ordered some new firm ground footy boots :slight_smile:

I feel like they compliment my soft ground ones?

(the version of these with proper studs)


Going for dinner with Mrs CCB tonight :spaghetti::wine_glass:


these look fucking mint, dude

don’t think I’ll ever stray away from the old Copa Mundials, but these are damn, damn nice to look at, for sure