Evening Thread Time 23/03

Putin or Wallace

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Sophie’s choice

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the new gameshow absolutely no one is talking about


How about Putin vs Wallace

I’d been sampling.

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Tell you what.

I’ve paid actual money for worse haircuts than this, tbh

Might try blending more tomorrow.


what a natural!

Hey everyone

I’ve already had my only beer (with some egg fried rice with mushrooms and stuff). I’m weighing up going to the corner shop for some lockdown announcement beers, but I think I’ll probably just skip to tea. I’ve got a couple of chocolate bars in the fridge too

My boss phones me earlier on my mobile (which she has never done before). Shat myself, thought I was getting laid off on the spot. But it was just some box ticking " invocation of BCP". The BCP is to work at home, which we already are doing

Love people experimenting with haircuts after only 3 days. We’ve got a long way to go :smiley:


might shave in a handlebar moustache :thinking:


fu manchu!

You want next?

You’ve got to start early if you are cutting it so you have time to grow out the mistakes, and if you are growing it you need to start early as well for maximum results.


Little bit of a tidy at the back and you’ve done a good job :+1:

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If I had your luscious locks I’d be in no doubt.

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That’s very logical thinking. I’m glad I partially reset my hair colour a few weeks ago otherwise I’d come out of this with terrible roots

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I’m looking a bit scrappy. Can’t decide whether to shave everything off and start again or build on this base (i.e. get really scrappy and neck beardy


i considered shaving off my beard so that i could grow a quarantine beard but cba

some what now?

I’m a bit jealous. I might have to start experimenting with wigs.