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Thought: oh no! I have to go out and buy some beer!

But a crate of trappist ale I accidentally ordered has just arriived. yessss.

Gonna watch canada’s drag race finale, venom, and eat some salted caramel flipz. Pretty pretty good.


  • Start announcing the city poll winners now
  • Wait until next Monday
  • I can’t believe you’ve done this

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These are good


Too late to vote I assume

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More and more keys have gone out of action on my laptop … time to start taking things apart and seeing if I finally need to admit defeat and just buy a new one :frowning:

pm me in the next 45 seconds and youre in

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On this note, I’ve never used a keyboard as bad as the one on this Macbook Pro that work gave me. I could make a better one out of plant pots and twine.

Evenings fucked - friend I need to return tools to / having a pint with wont be free till 9, and will almost certainly be running late (he’s just one of those people, turns up to the pub at 11 when everyone else has been there for ages and are starting to think about going home)

I will not be in the mood to go out at like 8:45 :neutral_face:, but I CBA with the hassle of rescheduling. He’ll probably flake anyway

Also need to get something in for dinner

What’s your favourite time to leave the house for a “night out”?

  • 5ish
  • 6ish
  • 7ish
  • 8ish
  • 9ish
  • 10ish
  • 11ish
  • Spanish

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I don’t understand the question

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Please ignore it then


why is there a loading bar next to his head

Head out about 7, get first pint and some dinner in. Get pished til 11 or 12, get home to bed before things start to get too wayward. Perfect middle aged night out. Too old for 3am night bus.


Woo I’m on the wine, great time babes cheers x


no earlier than 11.

the fuck?!


I want to be going home and eating pizza alone at that point!