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I think you’re basically the upbeat American version of Epimer

Pretty glass!

I get stick for not Using a proper spirit glass but I love my little beer tasting glass and I want it to get proper usage

Got a little bottle of Dalwhinnie on the go too but … only 40%

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Ooo, we have so many whisky glasses but I love using my random glasses that I’ve collected over the years. I enjoy them so much more. Lets see your beer tasting glass!!!

Haha, ONLY 40!?! Pfft. Come on.


I like what you wrote, I feel it

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fucked it

Northern Monk :sparkling_heart:

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A Friday Night Banger in a way, I guess

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Awwoooh! That is very nice! Did you get that at a beer festival?

By the way, did you see the craft beer festival is going ahead? In october! Outside the corn exchange.

like, honestly, truthfully, tell me this isn’t the best shop bought piz you’ve ever seen:

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Stop it. You’re making me hungry.

gonna put a shop-bought pizza on rn

less good, still pizza

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got a loaf of garlic bread i’m thinking of slamming in too.

might be a bit much



pre-heating lads:

  • don’t preheat
  • 0-5 mins
  • 6-10 mins
  • 11-15 mins
  • 16-20 mins
  • 21 mins plus

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This is the oven, right?

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This is making me think, why don’t I have a surplus of garlic bread hidden in the freezer for special occasions??

You’ve not tried my slightly asthmatic oven. It needs a good run up

I had a really bad pizza earlier. The bar only just opened but it was really bad.