Evening Thread!

Evening all. I want to go out but it is absolutely pissing down here. What have you been up to / planning to get up to tonight?

In between errands today I’ve been lying around like a dead wasp. Sunday night pints really took it out of me.

Going to meet the TV soon and we might go to a trad music session. Either that or we’ll stay in and watch ‘Father Ted’ as she’s never seen it.


I’m moving to Manchester in a month and having a look at all the gigs coming up. Lived in somewhere with no music scene at all for four years and really looking forward to seeing some live music again!

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Do you think she’ll get it?

Just got in, just going to sit down with a cuppa for ten minutes before starting on a Spaghetti Bolognaise. Then some Game of a Thrones and perhaps a Better Call Saul and an early night.

She thinks it’s funny but I think not growing up in Ireland is a bit of a barrier. We watched a few episodes earlier in the summer and I spent a lot of them pausing the show and explaining all the Irish references. It’s really nice watching it with her though.

Shaving my shoulders, I’m getting em all shaved off!

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Yeah, sharing a flat with a couple of pals just over the river into Salford so pretty central. I was aiming for south of the city centre originally but one of the guys needs to be pretty close to stuff for work so we ended up compromising. Really looking forward to the move even if I have no source of income lol.

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Just walking home in the rain; listening to The National.

Leftover takeaway for tea.

Early night I think, today was a struggle. Had a nice coffee and pecan cup though. Life is alright.

Evening, making some dinner for me, the TV and his sister who’s coming round to watch tits and dragons with us. Might go for a run later if it stays dry.

Anyone wanna come round and cook me spag Bol? I really want it but totally cba to make it

I’m cooking it now, I would but I don’t know you.

Maybe we could get to know each other…over spag Bol?


Had a jacket potato for tea. Not very exciting

Ordered a good new dress today still contemplating getting this skirt what do we think DiS?

tonight is Game of Thrones with a double decker


Ah nice, didn’t realise you were so well acquainted with the place!

I do both of these things so I’m sure I’ll survive!

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Love it!


Legit saw the Hot Tug™ on the canal on my commute home. Taking it as a sign :grinning:

@anon82218317 @laelfy

Great, I’m ordering it! Might whack the leopard print boots in the cart and all. :leopard::boot::cowboy_hat_face:


Accidentally just had a 3 hours nap :frowning: I’m meant to be going to meet a pal but I think I’m just gonna stay in, eat porridge and do some sewing instead. Is there owt good on TV?