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it exists!

first time i’ve came home from work in broad daylight. here is the view.



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I have 3.5hrs left in work to talk to some Americans. Sadface.

If anything my office is too warm. Going to the pub tonight. High hopes of seeing people stack it on the ice out and about.

Irked af tbh. Horrible day, losing out on two days’ work coz the rest of the week is off. Want me to come back next week but nooo waaaay. Gonna smash a couple beers n burritos and go to bed at 8pm.

Why is work off and why can’t you go back?

Going to pimp up my pizza this evening. Got a stonebaked chilli pepperoni one, going to add more cheese, pesto and some roasted veg sauce left over from the other day and then more cheese and cheese, and cheese.


They booked me for a week but basically ran out of stuff for me to do because the project is so badly organised so pushed it back. Filled out the day just doing random crap they found for me to do. Theyre just nightmarish to work with and I’ll hopefully have something else on next week.

I have a vague notion of starting a sugar, dairy and grain free month tomorrow which obviously means I should eat as much cheese as is possible tonight.


My friend does this a lot with sugar. Says it does wonders for her skin! What cheesey delights are you going to have?

Also trying to kick dairy tomorrow.

So having cheesy gnocchi.


you’ve taken lent too far laels

Hi cowcow and etc.

Making meatballs with a harissa sauce and boiling up some fresh pappadelle for dinner to counter this snowy evening :yum: :spaghetti:

When I do it I feel incredible and yes I get glowy skin.

I have some babybels in the fridge and Tesco do these frozen mozzarella and bbq sauce bites that I may still have in the freezer :crossed_fingers:

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Cheesy gnocchi sounds good, with some garlic too…

It’s alright I normally fail about three weeks in.



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so far i’ve successfully kicked the cigarettes and alcohol and rollerblading