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Babybels are pretty awful.

do burger king do freshly squeezed lemonade?

They’re no cheesestring

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Good for having in the fridge for when you want a small savoury snack


Thank you @japes

goodbye, duvet tuesday

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trying to decide whether I’d rather book a doctor’s appointment or live in denial. Really not sure



Off to t’pub then Nils frahm. :+1:


What’s the consistency like?

I’d lean towards chapati but that involves more teeth than rice I reckon

any time anyone mentions beans on toast on DiS I start getting cravings for them

more than most other foods, that is

Dunno if anyone’s mentioned it but it’s been really snowy today so I got to wear my new leather walking boots which are like walking on clouds.

Not leaving the house obviously so it’s Linda mozzarella burgers and a mélange of normal chips and sweet potato fries for dinner.

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oh hell someone’s started me on elliott smith again
gonna be a fun few hours in the office!

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Alright guys.

Pretty naff day at work tbh. Spent the whole day work today interviewing candidates for a bunch of 4 week vacancies. Did sod all.

It’s fucking Baltic outside (-4°c currently), and just had one of those door to door sales people round (the ones that are ex prisoners trying to get their lives on track). I invited him in for a cuppa, to warm up and kill a bit of time. The TV wasn’t happy about that (I understand that) so we’ve had a massive barney about it. Yay.


Nah you did a really nice thing in the end, don’t feel too bad.


I’m not really, but I totally get where she’s coming from too. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see why I did it, so it’s a very one sided arguement.

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