Evening thread


Not done this sort of thing in a while. Hi everyone! How is life?

What is everyone up to? I’m making a kale, bean and tomato stew type thing and uploading my holiday photos and writing something for a project.



this is how crap Riga is…


evening DB. not much going on tonight, making a stirfry in a bit. pretty sure there are a few things i need to do but can’t remember what any of them are. shrug!


looks quite cool based on these photos


Eggheads is on so it is officially the evening.
Homemade burgers for dinner then early to bed. I’ve to take Mrs casinobay to the airport for a 6:10am flight!!!


Stevening all!


Just hand one of the grimmest flight landings ever, the kind where people are nervously looking at each other silently saying ‘is this it?’. The guy next to me threw up :face_vomiting:. Weathers awful here so I’m just going to go hide in my hotel room.


Very nearly hit a cyclist (no helmet) who ran a red light straight in front of my car. Shaking a bit.

Whisk(e)y, dinner, bed.


Evening DB and etc. Just having a veggie curry my flatmate made. Off to see Tune-Yards in a bit.



Had some toasted HxB when we got in, slathered in butter. Well nice. Having fish, chips and beans for tea. Nice relaxed evening



Ah, no I get it


Hot cross buns. Sorry, work abbreviation.


Just driven a car on the mainland for the first time in like 3 years? Driving’s weird innit.


Evening, going to eat some chicken, then off for some beers with my dad and his mates.


Hey DB! Hey everyone else!

Going to shower and then wear my new jeans! Might have a beer or two and then it’s out to watch the Chelsea match. Staying over tonight so need to get a bag ready too.


Belfast is bleeeeeak in bad weather alright.


Really exhausted and achey. Luckily got off work 2 hours early. Also scored a free veggie burger which was pretty nice. Now watching Bob’s Burgers and waiting for bedtime.


Every time I fly here it’s always really windy, this was something else though, we were in a wee propeller plane and were just being bounced all over the place. Think Belfast is Glasgow’s weather twin.


Had the most miserable tomato pasta I have ever made because I was too lazy to make it good (also didn’t help that I had not realised just how close to death the basil plant is).

Had a busy day of doing housework, DIY, banana cake baking and mostly boring shopping. Gotta do my March Madness tournament bracket tonight so I can keep my trophy from the clutches of the rest of the family.

Waiting for R to arrive home. He is awake apparently which is odd as he is usually knackered enough to fall asleep on the bus home from his dad’s.


Evening! :pizza: :beers: :video_game: :sleeping_bed: