Evening Thread

I went to go start this half an hour ago and then thought “nah, someone is bound to do it any second now.” :unamused: With my luck someone will start it the second I press the button. So much fear.

Anyway, how’s it going? What are your plans for the evening! Dinner? TV? Pub? Etc? It’s Friday tomorrow! *double checks it’s friday tomorrow* Yep! It’s definitely Friday tomorrow!


I’m making the hi-hats good!


Oofft, nothing like a good hi-hat!

yeah exactly! There’s a section that has a bit of a shuffle groove going on and they’re a bit lifeless right now gotta add a bit of flourish y’know? It’s kinda relaxing in a way

evening witches! i’m just enjoying some of mrs elswood’s hot dill pickles, as you do.

The wife is extremely mad about them though. having burgers for tea tonight, gonna watch the DiS film club film which i’m very late to, and then watch a northern exposure or two before bed. bd

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Witches :wave:

Hectic day off. But sorted the pram and car seat now so that feels like a massive weight off now. Makes this stuff feel pretty real now.

Got veg casserole in the slow cooker. Waiting for ***** to finish parents evening. Probably go to bed early tonight as I’m up at silly o’clock again.

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what’s a circuit?

My back hurts

& @Bamnan - I hate hi hats, bane of my life

Much prefer a good shaker and a tambourine

Eric, I know we’ve been through this before but every single time you say northern exposure I still think you’re talking about due south.


it’s a fine line having them audible but not too prominent and not too robotic wouldn’t you say?

i revisited due south after we talked about it last time and i was really disappointed that it’s set in a city. thought it was all in the mountains and stuff :frowning:


Having a very minor domestic; wife-o’s auntie has sent us a rug in the post which we assumed was 8 feet by 6 feet, turns out it’s fucking METRES :roll_eyes:

Good evening everybody!


Well that’s the thing, programming dynamics on hats is so tedious and yeah, finding the balance in the mix is always a struggle


EDIT: Sorry, very unhelpful :blush: That is HUGE. Again, unhelpful. I hope you come to some sort of agreement! Photo? Is it nice?


Oh I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!

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I’m in a bad place where I care enough about production on my stuff to want to get it right but not enough to learn all the tedious crap about compression thresholds and all that

love a tsssap tho

The streets are littered with rug casualties m7

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I edited it!! :smiley:

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