Evening (thread)

Evenin’ folks,

What are you all up to tonight?

I am currently killing time on the Southbank before the Low gig, a combination of the film time earlier and eating too soon have made me very early.

I am absolutely stuffed full of burrito


Hi FL :wave: hope R’s post-birthday sugar comedown hasn’t been too bad :D. Enjoy Low!

I am still at work, but there is free pizza at a “talent show” downstairs. I am going to show my face, collect pizza, then watch the football at my desk whilst I finish off this bit of work. Lovely cycle home when there’s no traffic.

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Evening. Had a manic cycle across town on one of those dockless bikes which are a bit like riding a child’s tricycle. New housemate is making me fajitas which I’m quite excited about.

About to head over to Harrogate for a whole family dinner for one of my brothers’ birthdays. This will be a mixture of emotionally exhausting and hilarious.

I, too, am having fajitas. After the Ocado van gets here, whenever that may be.

Was about to confirm you were having all the trimmings but on second thoughts I guess not. Chicken?

I am killing time in Foyles. This is dangerous.

Chicken, peppers, mushrooms, onions, guacamole. BBQ sauce because I’m a heathen.


In which case you’re directly opposite where I worked until recently (I worked in the office above the Chipotle opposite Foyles). This is of no interest whatsoever. Sorry.

Enjoy the Low gig. Should be ace.

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Making a carbonara before my GF and I go to a pipe organ performance in the cathedral here. Being given some LPs by the performer as we both helped him with his previous shows.

I had my personal training session and the heat plus some intense stuff made me almost vomit.

I did 1000m on the rower in 4mins 40 and I’m told that’s good?? But I’ve never done the rower before. WILD.

LOVE ISLAND L8R :two_hearts::palm_tree:

Working until 8:30, no one else is here so I’ll just watch the football.

Enjoy the gig @anon89873996.

My sister just sent me some photos and a video of my youngest nephew (trying) to play the cello at this school/class concert. He’s pretty tiny, so it’s very cute.

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hi flasho





edit: and etc

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Sounds good. I don’t actually know because dinner was scheduled for 7 and they’ve not come home yet. How rude!

If by any chance you happen to see me I will buy you an ice cream as a thank you for saving me lots of money on my new headphones (which are very excellent btw). I am wearing a blue shirt with a puffin badge.

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hi FL and crew!

Feeling quite happy today.

Have had a nice day with friends, the weather is good here :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty confused by your living situation.

Eviction request.

Went outside today!!! To the shops for some food. Could just about have managed without, but felt good to go outside after two days more or less in bed. Got some work stuff to do tomorrow as well.

About to eat some pizza


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