Evening thread


It’s rare I start an evening thread but I need to vent my disappointment. A friend dangled the prospect of an impromptu mid week Nando’s before changing his mind, now I have the sense of loss that only comes with an unrequited Nando’s


Can you get a Nandos Deliveroo?

Fuck, now I want Nandos.


I guess I could, but probably a slippery slope to 7 days a week Nando’s consumption


Probably should have done more to invite conversation, what has cause you a sense of loss today?


hi everyone

just had a yummy tomato and mozzarella salad. yum.

so tired as i’ve been in all day meetings all week. thankfully it’s friday tomorrow.

not gonna do much, have a shower and watch netflix and think about all the things i need to do before moving.


guess he was more of a Nandon’t


trying to psych myself up to get on my turbo trainer but I’m really tired. would quite like to just sit on the couch instead.

standard chicken and broccoli for dinner. BORING.


Never had a Nandos


It’s very overrated imo


It’s very underrated imo


It’s fine imo


i have no imo


I’ve never been to Nando’s either. Doubt I’ll ever go.

Watching the first half of the Chelsea game before I go and collect a CD rack from my old house. Trying to come up with something to make with lamb chops later on. Feeling a lot better so I’ll definitely go back to work tomorrow.


Hello @ttf & etc

I am in the sky

There is wi-fi high up in the sky



On my way to socialist discussion group


I’ve never been to a Nandos. Shall I get my colleagues to take me to the one near work for my birthday lunch as my first ever time?




More of a Nanunix man myself


Can I come too? Nando virgins unite etc


What exactly does that involve? Sounds interesting