Evening thread

There you go, laefs.

EDIT: evening all! How are you all? Up to much? I’m waiting for a train home, then I have to go pick up some Christmas presents from the Post Office / Tesco.


I’ve got no socks atm so trying to decide if it’s a good idea to go to the shop with just shoes on given the state of my toenail.

Kind of want a Guinness and some crispies!

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Horrible day, give me alcohol

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could pick you some up from the corner shop!

Thanks ccb, got a genuine works dilemma that I need some advice on, will type it up in a bit. Not doing much other than choosing pictures for the quiz tomorrow.

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Can’t stop farting


Cheers, I’ll have 5000 cans of stella

would 4 be ok?

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Alright. Decent day doing basically nothing. Gonna cook a paneer and spinach curry and maybe have a beer. Just done bath time. Realistically the penultimate day I get to spend significant time with my daughter before Xmas day. That makes me real sad.

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Let’s meet in the middle at 2500, can’t say fairer than that



Evening everybody


work xmas party tomorrow, quite worried that i’ll get too drunk and start calling everyone tory dickheads


are you going somewhere fun for the party at least?

q u i e t :two_hearts: n i g h t :two_hearts: i n


I’ve got mine tomorrow. It’s real pot luck as to whether I’ll have a decent time, depending on who I end up having to sit with. I wouldn’t normally pay £20+ drinks when there was a 50/50 chance that I’ll be on a table with a bunch of people I never talk to (and there’s a c.10%* chance I’ll be sat next to someone who actively hates me.)

* could be a 100% chance for all I know.


I’m cooking pasta and veggies, having a beer and listening to Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

I expect the kids and I will watch last night’s apprentice later, so looking forward to dat


Still farting. Not sure what I’ve eaten to have brought this on. No one in Winchester strike a match or my house might explode.

Hi gang

Watching AHS:Roanoke
Trying to sell some clothes off Tise (do you have Tise over there? Idk)


Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to eat a huge amount of chilli tofu but it was nice

Bf is at his Xmas party so I may just watch a film and chill out