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Any plans?

I’m going to watch the football. And do some washing. Also need to check what paint, brushes, rollers etc I have for tomorrow.

Saw this earlier. Made me smile.


Pret sandwich on a train to LDN. :metal:


What you up to in capital city?


Eating loads of noodles and kimchi and watching Roma



:brick: :movie_camera:


just spoke to my bank over skype. half feel like i’m in the future, half feel like i’m in 2007.


Had pizza on wed. So chips tonight.

Got so much to do this weekend and also going to (near) Oxford tomorrow to see family and Stratford in Avon on Sunday for some excellent culture stuff.

Just want to slob about and watch Catfish…

Also, ftao @unlucky I will be getting my new glasses in the morning, if I am up in time.


Pizza tonight, cant really move so prob just line up a bunch of shite telly.


No dinner for me as I had a late lunch. Went to see an optician today as I’ve had an eye ‘infection’ for a month now. They reckon it’s actually an allergy and gave me antihistamines so now I have to work out what I’m allergic to.


How late did you stay out?


omg i saw the CRAZIEST and most frustrating episode of catfish over the break, where max and nev just decided to believe a “psychic” lady.

VERY weird.


I’m also heading down to oxford tomorrow - if I see you I’ll give you a wave.


think we got kicked out about 12:30. we were trying to find somewhere else to go as well even tho we were ll battered :man_facepalming:


Never knew that was possible :open_mouth:

I guess they are all connected aren’t they :confused:

Hope it gets sorted soon :slight_smile:


Seems to have been scrubbed from the internet but there was a good Hank Hill / MBV video once.

Our boiler has packed in. Nobody is coming to look at it until tomorrow. It is cold.


having butter bean and mushroom conchiglie carbonara and I’ve jammed all the butter beans inside the conchiglie. if no one notices and comments on what a good idea it is I’m gonna kick off. (I’ve gone carbonara mad)


Had a good chat with a swiss ski-lift attendent earlier. Ended with him shouting BREXIT! and laughing loudly.

Fair enough tbh


And when it became clear there was no where else open… you started to brew your own beer?


Aw I was so sensible and got the third last train home


Get the sleeping bag out imo