Evening thread


Good intel! I’m gonna turn into a sausage roll if I’m not careful.


Check this list out!

This is off her album from last year and I love it!


:smiley: thanks Geesey, I’ll get on it. was meaning to listen to that album and all.

(p.s. you listened to The Walkmen yet? :wink: )


My karaoke favourite!


Haven’t listened yet, bet into a Deerhunter relisten before the album comes out! They’re on the list though and I’ll let you know what I think!


Can’t believe @Kallgeese has never listened to the Walkman. You & Me is the best


hah. cool. :slight_smile: really think you’ll dig them - one of my absolute favourites, several cuts above the vast majority of their contemporaries.


Quite a lot of music chat on here this evening. Unusually so for DiS.


:fist_right: :fist_left: yes rich m9

was enjoying this one the other day. never heard it before, but oh my. :heart: that brass sound is one of my favourite things in music.


all the music chat of the last few days has made me realise it’s been ages since I’ve picked up my guitar or sung anything. Going to have to start working on something new soon


Lisbon is hugely underrated. Some crackers on there. Massive fan of Heaven as well. Really melancholy feel to that one. Like a band knowing they’ll never record together again (or at least not for a long long time). And this single was wonderful

Best band.


need to remember to do that washing machine thing

nobody wants to engage with me talking about Roma months after it was released :frowning:


Been listening to this loads recently. Woe is me and juveniles are such tunes.


Big row with the wife and frustratingly no conclusion. Just one of those shitty standoffs where you both end up pissed off and not really sure why. Would rather a blazing fight and one of us apologised but we’re both too stubborn. Urgh.



Ive got cushions now.


Torch Song too!


ooh la de da


@rich-t I never got acquainted with Heaven. I was in a bad place at the time, so I think I need to revisit. quite excited at potentially finding it brilliant, considering it’s the last album they did.

also @Unlucky …and yeah, Lisbon is an absolute beaut. reminds me of walking along the coast in midsummer down on the English Riviera, Goodrington towards Paignton and Torquay. just glorious.

and my mum maintains that ‘Stranded’ is the best thing she’s ever heard me play.


Such a great band.