Evening thread


Men don’t normally understand the importance of cushions and these are very nice ones too.


Belated evening all. Saw Bumblebee this evening, was very pleasantly surprised. Those films are definitely not usually my thing at all, but this was pretty enjoyable.

Popcorn was dinner, not hungry now, just gonna kick back a bit before bed and watch some Inside Number 9


Weirdly, reminds me of New York as I was rinsing Everyone who pretended,… So decided I had to mix it up with Lisbon.


Forgot to change the channel and now I’m watching ‘the other woman’ and quite enjoying it


Just had a bath. It would have been a bit more relaxing if i hadn’t realised until after filling the bath that it was filthy. Will be cleaning that tomorrow


you might be right there. I really wish cushions didn’t exist


hell yes there are.

i will always favor her r&b/hh/dance influenced stuff

her ballads can be great but can also be completely insufferable. a very fine line with mariah, too often she screams throws on a little too much sauce for my liking. but when she gets it right…

  • Close My Eyes so breathy
  • Joy Ride give me all the finger snaps in the world
  • Mine Again she really scales the summit on this one godamn, but it works for me. i think the warm instrumental work underneath (flute!) helps to balance the belting.


Had Morrisons saag paneer (totally amazing) and a prawn garam masala thing (the prawns didn’t micro that well but the sauce was ace!) Watching some silly cameron diaz film as my boyfriend is out at the pub and I can watch shiiiiiite. I should really go to bed as my son has been waking at 5am the last few nights for some unknown reason (I say unknown but reasons he has given me include entirely reasonable 5am requests such as ‘mummy I want my new shoes on now please’.)


This is good information


George McCrae is brilliant


It’s truly brilliant. Needed a little seasoning but otherwise spot on.


saw you writing this, was quite exciting

thanks man, I’m getting right on this :smiley:


It’s an unfinished film that has since been put together into some form and released on Netflix (which is itself about a director’s final unfinished work). I’m not sure what I think about it - it’s as self-indulgent as you might expect (not meant as either a good or bad thing btw).

Peter Bogdanovich looks weirdly like Bill Hicks in it. As in my brain literally registered him as Bill Hicks despite knowing it wasn’t actually Hicks


Teach him that cleaning the bog is fun and rewarding.

[and the chimney if you’re feeling ambitious]


Fireplaces are out of bounds since ‘santa coming down chimney’ phobia emerged last month. We had to broker a deal on xmas eve to avoid hysteria, whereby daddy went outside to the garden to give santa his dram and swap it for presents. But I am liking the idea of otherwise setting him to work around the house while I recline pouring rescue remedy into my face.


Courgette fritters for dinner:

  • Mash
  • Wedges
  • Other (please specify)

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You’ve already covered the carbs. This needs a “nice sauce” to “bring it all together”.


There’s only courgette and cheese and egg in the fritters, could whack some tomato sauce on it though

EDIT: nothing wrong with double carbs


Not even a dash of flour?

OK speaking as an allotment widower who’s had to deal with a FUCK of a lot of courgettes in the past, you need something to “cut through the fat” ie a sauce and then basically just some steamed veg. I honestly can’t imagine trying to plough through some spuds as well, in any form.


Ok! I’ve got some carrots, maybe I’ll do some peas and corn too. And some tommy sauce.