Evening thread


was a good shout tbh, wish i’d had about three less beers. wandered around desperately trying to find a kebab but nae joy.


I got followed by a fake Max account on Instagram. Quite want to get into a relationship with it, then email the show to help me out.


Plans to eat at the Southbank Centre’s real food market have been foiled by me forgetting about their annual January shutdown.



sorry to dissapoint everyone but I don’t fancy pizza for dinner tonight. not sure what I do fancy though…

the TV is watching old bake off on the TV, quite fancy a cake now but don’t think I can just have cake for dinner. or can I?


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: my suspicions are that it might be a feather filled duvet so we’ll see.


TV seeing her family for belated bday dinner. And catching up with LME pals


Sounds great, have fun :smiley:


Is there a UK version? There should be.


I think MTV UK did try and do one but it didn’t end up happening.

There us an episode where they come here (the Katy Perry one) though, they go to somewhere in Oxfordshire.


I just checked with @Jeremys_Iron. It turns out you in fact CAN just have cake for any meal you like.


game changer

pretty sure I don’t have any cake though :frowning:


Had some black beans literally as soon as I got home as I walked 22000 steps before and after work today so I was preeeeeetty hungry.

Once M is in bed I’m going to have chai and get in bed myself.

Going to make a little date and walnut loaf tomorrow and maybe some banana bread.




And you’re sure you’ve had enough
Of this life…



I had delicious delicious pizza yesterday so I’m cooking some pasta yoooooooo




how the hell are you still eating that

can you take a photo of it next to a £1 coin or something


he’s done a pretty good job tbf.

i would have just whacked it in the freezer and forgotten about it.