Evening thread


would have probably binned it on the way out the door, but I’m a terrible son as you all know


The original photo had it next to a butter dish for scale. Would you like to see it again japesy? Good:


It’s so full of booooooze I could leave it until next year and it’d still taste peng I reckon.


Did you weigh yourself before you started eating it by any chance?


Yes :sweat:


Would love to know the change when you finally finish it




I’ve been exercising too at the same time but it ain’t gonna do nuffink is it.




yeah, definitely gonna not include chicken in that vegan roasting tin recipe next time. leftovers were like an oily soup.

ate them ofc cus i’m poor.



But the sandwich is the fruitcake.


this pizza looks bangin’ tbf.

we’ll ignore the egg.


Spent the last hour putting save the dates in envelopes. Now I’m gonna eat a Chinese then gonna play Monster Hunter until my eyes melt.

Hope you’re all having a lovely evening.


enjoying this scene coming up a lot on the internet recently




I made a veg-heavy miso style noodle soup with soft tofu. It was OK.


On the train back from London now. Jellied an eel, spearminted a rhino, did full anal in the bathroom of the restaurant at the OXO tower, all that touristy stuff.

Might get a pizza when I eventually get in.


What flavour M&Ms did you get?


Black snot flavour.