Evening thread


The black snot is so weird.


It doesn’t happen to me. I think people are making it up for attention tbh.


I was hoping to see you on the train station platform this morning :frowning:


You’d have been incredibly late for work if you had, I got the 11.01.


It stopped happening to me too but it definitely used to


Going to aggressively pick my nose on this crowded train to check, brb.


I could have been making use of flexitime

I hate getting into work late


Meetings started at 1. Colleagues were like “think I’ll get there at 11 to be sure, what time are you getting there?”

Erm, 12.50? Obviously?


Oh and I once spray-dyed my hair yellow to go to a fancy dress party as Eminem (it was a long time ago, don’t hate me) and my snot was fluorescent afterwards


What kind if unsociable fool goes to the gym on a Friday evening.

That would be me.

Impressed that I’ve been three times this week though.


I cycled about 15 miles today so I don’t feel too bad about doing absolutely nothing tonight


Hi :wave:

Had a relatively easy day though still feel very :-1:

Did SFPP, now waiting for R to fall asleep so I can get my headphones and finally listen to @manches-brute’s new album which I am very certain will be excellent. Other that will be reading and maybe scoffing some panettone which was unearthed earlier.


Someone’s just misheard what I do for a living and is now ripping on me to his pals because I work in a ‘rabbit shop’.

I have decided to just kind of run with it


Parents have put a load of uni notes in my room for me to go through and chuck out.


  • “there is no reason why a cat is called a cat”
  • revision where I desperately tried to make theories relevant to my personal interests (Britpop) and assigned a Britpop song to represent all of them. Postcolonialism was assigned Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. Marxism was Common People. Psychoanalysis was Daddy’s Speeding by Suede. Underneath this theres a picture of me as Editor of The Sun [NB: I was naive enough to think I could change it…]
  • “nip nips” as a note at the bottom of the page, presumably to a friend sitting next to me
  • all the pictures of my friend as Abraham Lincoln

£24k of student debt for those. I saved a copy of A Ramble In St James’s Park and that was it.


You’re not supposed to do your nostril hair as well.


Baking a sweet potato for beans and kimchi. Ran out of tin foil so it’s gonna take ages

Just weighed myself (fully clothed) and was pleasantly suprised.

Was gonna do my first park run tomorrow but played football just then and walked an hour each way so might not be up to it.

Almost got my first roll and fritter as mentioned by @DarwinBabe as walked past somewhere selling them for a quid, but managed to restrain myself.

Listening to @manches-brute album




the merchant chippy on high street does the best roll and fritter in glasgow


I just applied for a new job. [a bar/café with two locations] are recruiting, and I can see myself working at either one quite happily. would be less stressful than the bar work I was doing in town.

thought I’d have to knock up a new CV, but the guy said just to email him with relevant stuff and hours wanted.

was feeling tentative, but fuck it. I don’t want to be wasting away, and I think it might be better for me to stay out there. feels scary going back in for full-time work, but if it works out, I’ll be in a better place to maybe think about moving out sooner rather than later.


Ha I walked past there twice as well as this other place. (Would need to check what they fry in though)