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Reminds me there was a thread on Mumsnet the other day about people.who remove all their clothes to poo.

Imagine. Brrrrrr


My mate does this but staunchly denies it, even though we’ve walked in on him naked and he’s mentioned it several times in reference to there not being a coat hook on some bathroom doors to hang his clothes on.




Why are you walking in on people pooing?


their twitter says vegetable oil


I accidentally walked in on someone pooing in the disabled loos at work a while back.

Top typing CCB


It was on holiday and he didn’t lock the door and we didn’t know what all the rooms in the cottage were yet so I thibk we stumbled on him whilst exploring.

I didn’t choose to see him pooing naked. It chose me.


Good luck hope it works out for you :slight_smile:


Chippies have Twitter now?


absolutely getting on this


knew someone who had to have a full body shower after taking a shit.



When I used to work in Safeway we kept the wheelchair in the disabled loo. Customer asked for it one day and they followed me round to get it - open the door and there is one of our trolley boys mid poo reading a newspaper. Will never ever forget the shock on his face :grinning:


I’d never get anything done at work, for a start.


thanks Bam

the dude just emailed back positively and I’m getting more details tomorrow. eek!

ah wow. haha. I know if I can get an interview, I’ll have a good shout. I’m quite charming and enthusiastic, apparently.

mustn’t count my chickens, but fingers crossed

  • I change my underwear and socks every day
  • I don’t change my underwear and socks every day
  • Other

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Mods pls ban anyone who says they dont


Good luck pal. You seem a lovely person, hope it works out.


Ta, will treat myself when ive been playing football a bit more regularly.


I have been known to wear the same socks twice :woman_shrugging:


Everyday, except like if I know I’m not gonna leave the house I’ll sometimes not bother.