Evening thread


Gonna have a nice long bath I reckon. Started watching Sharp Objects which seems promising, think I fancy Amy Adams a bit. So full of pizza, ugh.


Bet you are charming actually, you’re always nice on here!


I’m never gonna get over Dianne Oxberry’s death


This can be a correct answer eg. if hungover etc


Clatty, clatty fucks.


Socks are fine in most circumstances but always underwear unless like stated above


@ynot thank you! :slight_smile: I really hope so. this place is apparently quite chilled out, plus the finishes aren’t too late, and it’s not as far away as I was previously working. would be nice to finally have a full-time job that didn’t do me in psychologically…

@Bamnan aw, that’s nice of you to say… I think this place has been huge reinforcing non-negative thoughts about what kind of person I am, y’know.


The world would have to be ending for me to chose to wear the same pants twice.

Not sure where I stand on bras though?


sometimes not if I’m camping. but even then almost always.


y’know sometimes I’ll do this:

get home from football late, shower or bath, new underwear and socks.

then when I go to bed, the latter come off, but also sometimes the former. so… I wake up having not worn them much at all and put them back on.

that’s fine, isn’t it? yes it is.


I’m planning to go at half seven tomorrow morning.

I am a fucking idiot.


It’s so good. Think I listened like 4 times today. Properly in love with Sunken Restaurant


just the shirt. would have been wringing with sweat otherwise.


Is yer footy back on? (I’m game)


Yeah, I’m not playing tomorrow though because I’m going to EK for a baby event.

I haven’t played since before Xmas - I’m going to have all of the touch of a hungover Andy Carroll when I go back next week.


Pungent smells they consummate my home
Beyond the black horizon trying to take control


I played pretty well, 3 goals 1 nutmeg. Though not much of my game is based on fitness.

Let me known when yer back/if there’s space


I’m hoping my Old Men game goes ahead on Monday to get rid of some cobwebs. I look like a canny player against a bunch of men in their mid fifties.


it would appear so - https://twitter.com/merchantchippie

odds on valdoro’s having one are pretty low though i’d bet


I’ve eaten a bunch of pasta and then had ice cream with some brownies in it. Also thanks @Unlucky and @Flashinglight for listening to the album and reminding me that the ice cream counts as the release party! (and thanks @McGarnagle and @Aphextwinkletoes for releasing it and spreading the word around about my noises). Still psyching myself up to post about it on Facebook.

Might watch that new old Orson Welles film on Netflix before returning to a bunch of It’s Always Sunny episodes before bed.