Evening thread



Fucking yes


fappable just pointed out the similarity between One Last Time by Ariana Grande and Loreen Euphoria


yeah. should just stick their arse in the shower like everyone else


Really gutted I’ve said this fifteen years after the song came out


Bras don’t count


Rick Stein is on the telly! (Indian vintage)


Started watching this odd ‘You’ show on Netflix. Is the main guy supposed to be a young Dennis Reynolds?


That is allowed, yes.


I’ll be the first to admit, i fancy him.


Would you engage physically with him?


Reckon I can retire by the time I’m 50.
Just 5844 days to go! I’m gonna be so pissed if I’m dead before then!!1


Also is the dialogue supposed to be this bad? Is that the point, that these two people are corny cliches?


@Scout posting about Mariah Carey in that songs everyone likes thread has got me up on this

better than the Harry Nilsson version, I will fite u


What’s this?


Apart from the big hits I don’t really know many Mariah songs. I watched her kids xmas special about 5 times though and let me tell you, it’s bad.


Looks like Claudia Winkleman?


Absolute belter


I’m watching the NW Tonight tribute show. Why am I doing this?


Went to see the favourite and I liked it but I didn’t love it/lose my shit over it like everyone else seems to be?

I’m dealing with some wind related issues


Good shout that