Evening thread


Think most people have been in the strong like category


I guess the only way I could know how bad it is would be to watch it myself :grimacing: what kind of bad was it?

also I kind of have a long-standing interest in finding out if there are some really good Mariah deep cuts

I reckon @theShipment would know this?

I also think Mariah was the first famous person I ever fancied.




I thought it was half and half (as in it had a lot of mixed reviews from real people). It definitely went on too long.

I also wonder what all the OAPs thought of it cause no one laughed once and I think they may have been expecting a real period drama.


You should watch Mariah’s World. She’s nuts, I love her.


Oh. I was only talking about dissers.


Spent tonight getting up to date on Black Lightning. Good show.

Have a cold and feel really exhausted, but am meant to go horse riding again tomorrow. Hoping I feel better tomorrow cause it’s going to be a cold one and I don’t want to risk getting properly ill before next week’s film festival :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


A vegan cafe in Glasgow has started doing ‘steak’ bakes

In Bloom @laika, also mayze in finniestoun do 2 different kinds of vegan sausage rolls (cameralised red onion and sage and onion)


Good week out of a bra tbh


Sharp objects is so, so brilliant. There’s a thread some where


Just awful quality, general awfulness. M loved it as it’s about wanting a puppy and she now can’t differentiate between ‘mariah carey’ and ‘hairy mcclary’ so I was quite confused for a few weeks when she kept saying Mariah Carey at storytime.


Listening to tricky - is there a cut off where his stuff becomes not worth listening to? Otherwise lounging about in a hat

Really want to order a lot of books into my local bookshop tomorrow but that is not a good idea is it :roll_eyes:


hah, I can imagine :smiley: might have to get on that


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Ah, Mariah Carey from Whitney Houston’s Dairy


The tv threw out my pizza leftovers. Never been angrier in my life


Angels with Dirty Faces

First two excellent; third is interesting; fourth is almost grime.

After that, increasingly patchy. Blowback is OK and then the rest of them diminished returns.


Isn’t that the film that Macaulay Culkin watches in Home Alone?


Watched Roma

was already crying at the earthquake scene when some rubble fell on an incubator so as you can imagine I didn’t take the birth scene well


I’m confused about it tho

Are you meant to feel really angry at rich people and the injustice of having to raise someone else’s kids and give up your life to serve rich people and clean up their shit

Just didn’t really get it