Evening thread


Came to the mall, expected to get super frustrated at not being able to find gifts but I’m actually having some great me time. Spent an age in the body shop sale and the bookshop, and got a secret sneaky beyond meat burger from the food court hehe.

Still no idea about the gifts though.




@Flashinglight where do you watch the college football game? Can’t find it on BT sport catchup


anyone else ever felt happy and sad at exactly the same time?

This just happened to me for a moment, very strange

  • I know the song Crazy by Patsy Cline
  • I do not because i have lived a sheltered life

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oh dear


It’s a nice song really!


@bamnan this song makes me feel happy and sad at the same time :slight_smile: :frowning:


oh yeah I guess songs can do this, I dunno this was a different feeling though, hard to explain. Maybe it was just gas.


I love this track. This and Tree By The River are lovely. The rest of the album is as meh as hell


Yeah the rest of the album isn’t a patch on the opener.

Iron and Wine (The Shepherd’s Dog album in particular) reminds me of our eldest being a baby and just being tired and emotional the whole time.


don’t want to pass on the cold to the horse either


what the actual fuck


The Shepherd’s Dog reminds me of one of the most disappointing gigs I’ve ever been to. Can’t really deal with it now.

Love them, but the albums between TSD and Beast Epic are pretty naff. Really like the early demo albums though.


surely the egg would be baaaad by the morning?


i’m quite peckish but it’s 10pm so probably shouldn’t eat anything right?


Oh was he in full World Music Snooze mode at the time? I saw him at Green Man around that time and ended up giving up and heading home after the fifth bongo solo.


Yeah, that’s right, around then. Saw him touring Kiss Each Other Clean as well, and it was very similar. Ducked out of his solo shows a few years ago as it was too far to travel.


Tell me about it, dude.