Evening thread

Evening all - are we all ready for an evening thread? Good.

Am still on the train home. Had forgotten how much this particular train sucks the life out of me. Highlights:

  1. Someone bringing their folding bike onto the packed train and not bothering to fold it up;
  2. Someone having a loud conversation with their teenage son and using the phrase “left wing liberal fucktards”

On the plus side, I got a seat within five minutes (a termtime record, I think) and it was warm enough to cycle to the station without a coat on.

How are you all? Much planned for the evening?

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should i take guitar lessons or drawing lessons or neither?

  • guitar
  • drawing
  • something else
  • nothing

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Waiting for a bus that arrives in 22 minutes :sob:

*20 minutes

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Just had vegan toad in the hole, now getting ready to go to the GFT for We are the Weirdos and I am very excited.

First time using a :crescent_moon:cup today and it was a success. Horrible awful cramps all day though and didn’t even eat my lunch cos it was so painful and irritating. But i asked my bf to get me a ritter sport from lidl on his way home and now i have this

1-0 barleysugar


Some help needed here. Which one do we think the oven is?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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I’d go with 2 or 3. 1 is just a light (if you fancy having your oven lit for some reason); 4 and 5 are grill and fan-assisted grill.

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I bought some posh tins of tomatoes cause they were on offer and it turns out they’re not cruelty free tomatoes.

I have the same oven. Or similar.

1 Light
2 Light and Fan
3 Fan Oven
4 Grill
5 Grill, with fan


Thanks ccb! Glad you’re here to help because I was going with 4.

Having some of this!


ooh I keep meaning to check what’s on at the film fest

gonna miss it all if i hang about any longer

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had keyboard lessons when I was 11 and gave up after a few months. regretted it ever since

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Wtf is the point of 1 and 2?

Don’t buy mutti tomatoes.

Fan is… Well keeps shit warm. I guess? After you’ve cooked?

The light is objectively useless mind

I’d say:
non fan oven
fan oven
fan grill

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Just checked my own oven and yes, I’d go with 3 (I always use the setting at 6 o’clock here):

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How long’s too long to leave squash on your bedside table before it turns bad?