Evening thread

think i’d drink pure water from 2 days ago and squash from 1 day

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Good eventide ccb, all.

Marinated some salmon in an Indian spice rub last night that I made up so gonna cook that up in a bit with cazza onion rice (ofc) and some samphire. Trying to reduce the meat intake recently so having lots of fish :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fish: :tropical_fish:

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Evening all,

I’m currently having a wonderful time, sat down, with Winifred walking back and forth across my lap, she seems to be unsure about sitting on the gym shorts, which I’m wearing. I wouldn’t want to sit on them, were i her.

I spent yesterday evening and much of this morning, soldering, testing, drilling and assembling my gain pedal. This meant that i didn’t get much work done this morning, although i did dabble in multitasking at a few points. I also didn’t have time to do a workout at lunch. Thankfully my wonderful wife offered to cook some veggie sausage lentil pasta while I did some spinning. It was very deliciius indeed.

Don’t worry, i did add even more cheeses.

Currently letting my food digest, watching some first series bake off, before doing some lifting in a bit, although bake off has now made me just want all the puddings.

Winifred update: she’s now sat on me.

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Evening all!

I was getting in a bit of a flap about dinner, didn’t fancy anything (Apart from the idea of going out or getting pizza, trying to be healthy though)
FAO @japes @rob.orch I decided to try the lentil pasta! Cooked up some veggie sausages - Cauldron. Made a sauce out of some shallots that had apparently been BBE 13 Dec. Nonsense. Chopped them up, bit of garlic, a tomato knocking about the bottom of the fridge, tin of plummed toms, herbs, S+P and half a jar of red pesto that needed using. Cooked green beans along with the pasta. Topped it with a bit/load of cheddar. Bloody good! I had to check the pack as I thought they must be made of normal pasta flour with a bit of red lentil in.

Would definitely buy again even though it’s overpriced. Shops really do love ripping off the gluten free don’t they? Not fair.

Going to spend the rest of the evening reading Northern Lights :blush:


Gf came downstairs to ask why I keep shouting “cunt!” at the TV. I’m watching the live parliament coverage.


“just keep remembering about the locks”

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This is a fun sub thread. Here’s mine.

I’m not sure I want to know what the crying snowflake does.

If the squash had sugar in surely that would be safer than pure water?
Stale water is not good.
I wouldn’t drink it at all.

Alright, the bloke on my train from the OP


defrost obviously

I’m more intrigued by the ‘summon a snake’ setting


The sugar would provide fuel for micro organisms to grow so would be worse.

my oven is pretty simple

no messing about

What decade is it from?

it is one year old

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You’re absolutely sure it didn’t say 1918 model on the packaging instead of 2018?


how fucking old is that oven!!!

Oh yeah! Doh. I was just thinking things with sugar last for ages :joy:

can everyone stop taking the piss out of my oven


Here’s the plasticoven

I’m cooking posh fish cakes. Mash and veg on the hob atm.

Later: watching track cycling, packing for :belgium:

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