Evening thread

Hi everyone x

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trying to get healthy and lose weight so have been eating lots of delicious things like carrots and grapes, so nice.


Falmouth is v pretty

Found a cider bar so am full of cider, gonna go back to my hotel in a bit and watch Star Trek


Bloody love Falmouth

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Jacky P for tea.
Football on now.

Going to bed at half 9. Can’t wait.


Anyway, still feel like :poop: about work, knackered from consecutive nightshifts. So had a nice comforting pile of fajitas, a gü trillionaire pot and a couple of beers


It’s pretty good eh

Big fan of how about four different people (all likely younger than me) have called me “my lovely” today. What a term.


Keep getting a constant dull heartbeat palps in my throat/ upper chest. Like constant butterflies except they’re moths.

Tell you what’s good, this place…


Possibly the best f&c I’ve ever had

Ok, so apparently youse might know about this already, but I missed that conversation and somehow had never seen it happen in real life, but @Gnometorious seriously gets into the bath on all 4s, dips her boobs in before pushing on to her belly and finally rolling over into the correct bathing position. This happened about 2 hours ago and I’m still in shock. I like to think myself methodical, but this was extraordinary.


I think that’s absolutely fine

Lmao legends


I’m vegetarian BUT they do a fried tofo thing and I am planning to get it before I leave :sunglasses:

So do i, i mean it makes lots of sense, but to see such a technique for the first time, at my age… Utterly splendid. I’ve been getting into the bath the without dipping my chest for years.

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after LYING to bosses has “done me”


Hello! Need to cheer up a bit tbh.


Can we do anything to help cheer you up?

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I don’t think so, but thanks! I think I just need to go to bed tbh :rofl: Grandad’s tired

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Ah sorry for assuming, shouldn’t have done. Gonna try to get to red elephant on Truro? There is also a bottle shop (or was) in the big shopping arcade where you are now, maybe called the bottle bank or something similar. Might not be a beer place now though. Worth checking.

Aww, you’ll definitely feel better after a good sleep I reckon :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

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