Evening thread








On a train from Bologna to Venice. Cold, bored and hungry. Colouring in lady has gone.


You shouldn’t be any of those three things when in Italy


I know right?! It’s actually boiling outside but the train is mega air conditioned. Going to fill my belly with gnocchi at the other end.



Still coming down from the high of last night’s gig. Met a load of friends earlier who said it was some of the best stuff they’d ever heard me play.

My back is still in utter shit though. Going to rest up and watch the football for the evening. Think I have a shot at being able to avoid alcohol until next week so I’m going to try and stick to that.

Edit: FFS. A whole new forum and I still can’t reply properly. Sorry Lopes!


Hi everyone.

Everyone had a good day?

Plans for tonight?


What drum machine were you rocking?


Hi mwt, yes I had a good day thanks, sampled some really nice food and wine in Bologna and now going to get some more food and sit with the other tourists in St Marks Square. By the way, has anyone else mentioned that your profile pic looks a bit like a penis from a distance?


I was meant to be using a friend’s one but he had to lend it to someone else so I used this trusty old friend.

Ran it through a Turbo Rat and a Boss DD-7 and then DI-ed it into the PA. Sounded pretty good.


listening to reggae. beautiful, beautiful reggae


Evening all


Do you mean a penis in the distance or if you look at the picture from a distance…?

Either way… you’re the first… You lonely in Italy… something on your mind? :wink:

Loved italy when I went (nearly 10 years ago now)


The latter. I’ve been thinking it for a while, so yes it might reflect my current state of mind!


I guess snufkin would be a good pet name for a penis



I won something tonight! Entered one of those call-in competitions on our local radio station.

Meal for two at a restaurant up the road from us. Got a call from the local radio DJ and everything. :+1:


Nice one

Did he do his radio voice over the phone?