Evening thread


Quiet here tonight eh?

What are y’all up to?



Goodness, what a clever fella you are eh!


Evening. Just cooking tea _ curry and chips since you ask.

Having an excellent time at my school placement so far. Four yr old boys telling me they liked my skirt today :+1::+1:


got home from work about 45 minutes ago and my partner’s having a nap, so I’m watching house of fools on netflix and eating lemon drizzle cake atm.

what should we have for dinner? we’re very bad at deciding.


Are you on placement for a course or something?


I reckon y’all should have wraps. Dunno what you should put in them but definitely something in a wrap.


I think the warning that most of us are getting (that the site is insecure and could be prone to hackers) is putting people off!


Going to a mates 30th birthday drinks in stokey spoons (BREXIT) in a little while
Happy mental health awareness day btw everyone, I’ve been properly teary all day because of a pill comedown so at least I know it’s not really real, but I love y’all and really respect those of us who’re brave enough to talk through each others suffering on here (and even those who feel they can’t yet, I hope one day you can)
Yes I am drinking already ty


I’m not up to much. Need to phone my dad later :frowning:


Just us hardcore risk-takers in here tonight then, fuckin’ adrenaline junkies the lot of us!


Going to waitrose, then read buffy season 10 volume 5


Yep PGCE primary. Loving it…


Just had falafel. Not much doing. Got a bit of work to do tomorrow. Might watch Netherlands vs France so should probably do it before then. Or might just do it on the train in the morning.


partner was complaining the other day that we haven’t had fajitas in a while, so this might actually work out pretty well. cheers ant!


Nice, glad you’re enjoying it. Seemed fucking intense as hell when my gf was doing it and she’s not having a great time of it in the actual job at the minute so I’m glad you’re loving it!


What an extremely easy complaint to rectify!


Yo man, far be it from me to stick my oar in here or anything but I’ve only experienced this once before in my life and it was fucking awful and bleak. I cannot imagine combining it with struggling with your mental health. Look after yourself man :slight_smile:


Ant! You dark horse!
I’ll be alright. Truth be told I was nice this weekend, bought a bunch and gave most of them away because I just wanted to kill off my last remaining endorphin and didn’t want to be the only one doing it. Sharing the misery!
Thanks though man. Nothing doin’ yet but maybe I’ll take some positive steps soon. Fwiw you’re always really understanding about all this stuff anyway, you’re a top fella.


Evening all!

Productive day at work. Just about to order a curry then finally watch the last episodes of Preacher with my mate.

Have a good 'un!