Evening threadddd

Evening chums.

Late afternoon I took the dogs out for a walk in the remotest part of our local woods. Half way around I noticed that one of the poo bags that I was carrying by that point had split - and there was dog shit smeared down my jeans.

It wasn’t a great look (or smell) TBH.

All improved by the M&S vegan kievs with spicy roast potatoes that I’ve just had for tea though.

What are you lot up to eh?


Whaddup Weebs. High volume of poop stories from yourself recently, big fan.

Just took delivery of a new desk. Had to move the coffee table into the bedroom to make space for it ffs. Anyway just had a stuffing sanger (god bless paxo), a small moment of joy in these otherwise bleak times

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Hadn’t thought about this. I must endeavour to have fewer poo related incidents.

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I don’t think there’s anyone on the boards who everyone associates with poop. That could be you!

Oh yes.

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Evening folks,

Got home just in time, services on the West Coast Mainline were suspended after someone was hit by a train at my local mainline station, happened just before my local line train went through :frowning:

Football Manager and spag bol this evening.

And what a reputation to be proud of.

Evening weeber et al. Going to have some of my mum’s lentil soup for tea.

Can I nudge everyone to consider thinking about a blood donation over the next week or so? A lot of people rely on blood transfusions not just surgical patients so the pandemic could really hit supplies.


Treated myself to Tofish and chips from the local chippy.

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Friend sent me this, @kermitwormit



I’m going to risk a trip out later to stock up on beers at Unbarred tap room - I’ll try and have minimal physical contact, and going to off licences isn’t on the “not recommended” list yet (although you could count it as non essential travel).

Cooking a steak and saute potatoes as I realised I haven’t eaten all day.

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I looked into donating last week when I read about potential shortages. Given my recent medical history I’m not able to. Thankfully Mrs W was easily persuaded though.

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Not practising and also my drummer lost their job :frowning: Horrible stuff all around.

Why is everyone incapable of spelling “losing” correctly

Went into the gf’s office to pick up some stuff for working from wfh. Wasn’t expecting anyone else to be there but other people OBVIOUSLY had the same idea and I ended up talking at - not to, at - her manager about lumbar support for several minutes. I do not know anything about lumbar support.

Why am I like this.

Supported local business by getting a chippy on the way home, moving to the opposite corner of the shop whenever anyone else came in. And that’s us done with leaving the house for the foreseeable.


Also due to WFH I had time to go the charity shop and buy this


Loving how selfless and supportive everyone is being of local businesses. Last night I selflessly bought a sticky toffee pudding.


Still going to work, feels like an odd limbo land but they reckon we need to carry on as normal whilst doing extra work for when it all shuts and extra for those off now. Still.

Making lindaMc sausages, stovetop potatoes, carrots and leafy greens for tea. Might have a Tuesday wine as well.

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Didn’t expect cabin fever after one day.

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