EVENING - Thursday business

Hey up.

Cold innit? Got socks and a cardigan on and contemplating the blanket soon.

Is this the Winter IV @anon50098204 predicted?

anyway, going to drink some tea etc

Wat u up to huns?

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I’m having a beer and easy salad tea. TV is ok, worried about BP, but everything seems ok. Asked to start pat leave tomorrow as a) my heads not really in the right space and b) the TV is in no state to be doing much at home. Induction booked for BH Monday at 9am, so there is an end to this

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Evening. It’s not massively cold here, just a bit rainy. I’m off to a play shortly; just having a swift half in the pub round the corner beforehand.

Evening Slickers, all. Everything’s in boxes and everything’s clean so I think we’re just about ready to go. Going to relax with a beer and shit tv for a bit then get an early night.

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Evening, it’s warm and sunny here, going for a walk in a bit. Doing a hasty update of my CV as a company have contacted me about working for them when I return from my travels. If I tell them I rushed it for them will that excuse it being rubbish?

Anything good on tv tonight?

Can you do mine?


Been a tough afternoon.

Food. Might splurge on take-away. Other than that, Brooklyn 99 tonight.

Alright slickster? Doing fish and chips with minty peas for dinner :yum: Fish is basa and it’s parsnip chips but a boy can pretend.

Reckon it’s cold and drizzly enough to crack open the bottle of Aberlour my wife’s uncle brought down :grinning::+1:

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Happy to help


II want to buy a house so that I never have to deal with landlords or letting agents ever again


Dinner has been eaten (halloumi and red pepper tarts, sweet potato fries and veg), now I’m watching cycling highlights and after will be sorting out the front room so we can start stripping wallpaper :roll_eyes:

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Evening Slicky & co,

Had my reading group earlier which I very nearly forgot about. It wrapped up in time for me to be back to put R to bed, which was good as seemingly he had been asking for me frequently while I was out, so I got to have a good cuddle with him to make me feel less guilty for leaving him.

Probably going to watch cycling highlights and not sure what else. Thinking of asking for a couple of days away later in the year so I might research potential options…



Hello slicky and everyone :wave:

I am feeling so rank at the moment. My skin is rubbish, I desperately need a haircut and I’m just feeling generally a bit wrinkly and old and decay-ey :smiley: lovely.

Got some left over roast chicken for dinner tonight, going to have it with rice and bits and bobs and maybe re watch some episodes of Girls ooor that Mary Berry thing. I find it so hard to not call her Merry Berry.

Hope you’re all having nice times :hugs:

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Mine too, the other day V said you look really weird with no make up, loads of little spots. :unamused: vicious circle I expect…

What can you do huh?

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Where are you… ? 15 degrees here and not nice.

When you off? Very exciting!

Hey pn., you about on wednesday?

Aw nooo, gawd, I remember saying really insensitive things to people when I was little. When I was about 10 I had a friend who was 14 and she had quite a few spots and I remember one day she asked me what I wanted to do, so I looked at her and said “Hows about join the dots?” :scream: WHAT A BITCH.

Equally I remember my friends little brother commenting on my nose hair :smiley: Haha… SIGH.

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Beginning of Aug - got so much to sort out before then it’s a bit terrifying.