Evening thursday


Hi ApheyTee.

I just did a massive fart in what I thought was an empty office. I was wrong.


Train before mine from Manchester Airport was cancelled. No way I’m getting a seat now is there. Ffs. Love it when the journey home from the airport is longer than the flight…


Just watched the football with new old pal who I kinda miss already. Strange.

On the train back to G city listening to Bonnacons of Doom.

Dunno what to have for tea.

Oh I got a seat

With a motherflipping charging point ffs!

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My laptop charger just fell off the seat onto my fellow passengers feet, was very apologetic.

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Really enjoying coming home to a garden after 6 years without even a sniff of a balcony. Have to wrestle with these to get my bike out of the shed:


Raspberries mate. Edible.


Round seeing my nephews, was on bath watch with the youngest one when he decided to take a shit in the bath! :grimacing:
The other two are running riot in the other room and my bro just looks like he’s about to collapse.
‘Don’t ever have kids!’ Is what he said when I told him about the poo bath :grinning:

Strong start to the evening. Home soon for some peace and dinner.


Hello. I am watching the Westworlds.

Hello. Just voted didn’t I, it’s by-election day :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Carbonara for dinner, painting for after.

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Two of the westworlds are set in the east!!!

It was billy corgan im afraid


eating a some paneer curry and split pea dahl with rotis. easily the best thing I’ve made in… quite a while

the job I’ve been waiting around for arrived earlier. doesn’t look too nightmarish after giving it a brief glance but you never can tell

all my flatmates are away for the weekend (well, one has gone for three months). someone tell me what to do

Just waiting for the kids to go to bed so that I can eat all of the food and drink all of the wine.

Going to watch either Lost Highway or Bullitt.

Done a load of weeding. Fucking tired. Spag bol ready soon. Gonna watch a film. Any good ones?

One of mine did this a few years ago, when my wife was in the bath with her. I’ve never laughed so hard.


Defo gonna start using this as a phrase to express disgruntlement.




Feeling like a full on massive bag of mixed nuts this evening. BUT, I’ve found another potentially cool job to apply for and @xylo dumplings are on their way!! :smiley: