Evening Thursday

Evening all!

Four day weekend for me.

Roasted stuff and gnocchi for tea.

Films and possibly a beer.



Going to play electric wizards until it makes me angry (possibly one game/45 minutes) then go to bed

Just got back to home town, aunt is visiting from Aus for the weekend so that’ll be nice!

Evening :wave:

It’s nice to be home after my North Lincolnshire odyssey. (Are there any DiSers who live/grew up there?)


  • Quorn chilli (which is gonna need plenty of cheese in top as I’ve got the spice mix wrong)
  • last episode of Derry Girls (which we’ve been saving til we finished The Good Place)
  • a beer
  • a cuppa

Saus n mash n broccoli for tea.
Drag race then bed pls.

@keith What film you thinking?

Worked late doing a tour and now I’m exhausted and pretty low. Had calamari, tempura prawns and homemade wedges for tea. Hells Kitchen, beer and cake until bedtime now.



Had some wedges in the freezer, very pathetic dinner that was in isolation - no nightshade on potatoes.

One more sleep until flu jab day

Managed to do nothing for an hour and a quarter. Listening to this, very happy this exists

Curry for tea. Noice. Let’s do this.




Had beans and eggs on toast for tea.

Wife is out so going to have a long soak in the bath with a hot chocolate, candles flickering away and some nice chilled music on.


Pleased with that little potato classification joke :potato:


Evening, wanted to do a solo cinema trip but work has defeated me today/this week. Going to make a big bowl of wedges & crash on the sofa to Only Murders in the Building.

Just made the family a bunch of Brambles


Leftover lasagne for dinner, and then gig four of this weeks gig marathon. Let’s hope this isn’t a 9.45 start like last night.

Decided some wedges were not enough.

Going to make an onion bhaji sandwich with spruce tip jelly, onion and garlic dip and…a fried egg

(I am very egg-suspicious, rarely eat them, so this is a bold bold move but feel like it might be the greatest sandwich of all time?)


@JaguarPirate the Korean sauce from Tubbys is delightful

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Yes please

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Off to see Soccer Mommy but my eye is bloodshot and weird. Pray for me.

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We’ve got Gattaca and The Lost City sitting in a drawer so one of those.

I could really fancy some light, bright trash so hopefully TLC.

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