Evening time is here, are you?

Went to vote, gathered more garden flowers, hung out with this guy whilst I was out there (see below) and just steam mopped my bathroom walls whilst laughing with joy at how much I love a cleaning hack. Feel sorry for myself sometimes when i reflect on the immense pleasure I take from my mop.

Got to spend the rest of the night putting away what looks like all the clothes I own. The worst chore of all time.

Need to plan some lovely but cheap meals for this weekend. Suggestions welcome.



Looks like an exceptionally good type of guy. I really wanted a terrapin when I was a kid but my parents wouldn’t allow us (which was fair enough because they live forever)

Helping (aka making instead of her) my daughter make a bunch of cookies and cake pops for a school thing tomorrow. Watching S9 of the Office. Declines substantially in the last two series doesn’t it?

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Can I recommend the Jack Monroe sardines and lemon? (can’t remember if you eat fish)

Tinned sardines in oil on top of thick slices of lemon roasted for about 20m at 200. We serve with roasted sweet potatoes/ peppers dusted with paprika.


I do though i do keep saying this year I’ll stop.

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Evening all!

Took The Child with us to do voting because she’s going to school there in August. It rained all the way there and back and she kept getting told off for trying to ride her scooter over the road without waiting for us. I let her fill my card in. She said it was boring.

I let m choose between greens and labour for me. She said she wanted to vote green but it was a better idea to vote labour.

Will sign her up for the next local election now she knows the exact extent of my own political knowledge.



and some floss

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Good evening friends!!

Volunteering at the polling station earlier was fine, although four hours did drag a bit not gonna lie. Most people were either lovely or fine, one mean old galumphing Tory tosser had a right go at me cause I think he thought I was a Lib Dem MP campaigning or something and I was like errr mate I’m not even a member of any party currently, I’m just taking an interest in local politics :smiley:

WHOOPS pressed send too soon. Van Gogh experience yesterday was fab, made me cry. Didn’t realise @Ruffers’ pic is one of his, so now I weirdly have a fridge magnet that makes me think of our Welsh pal.


Hello. Been on the train since 2pm. Fucking hell eh.

Not even home until 10! Going to have a Okome Cha han waiting for me though.

Had my first Leon burger today. Was good.

Tired as f. Can’t wait to eat and go to bed.

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two open questions:

  1. what are some summery cake recipes you (anyone) would recommend?

  2. does anyone know any good customisable wooden photo frame places online?

Oooooo the orange cake i make is FIT

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Sicilian Whole Orange Cake (Using an Entire Orange: Peel, Juice and Pulp) - Christina's Cucina @greenarrow


@inthedusk I would like to know more!

@kermitwormit that looks delicious and I will try that for myself! I should have mentioned though that this is for a birthday - although who says there can’t be cheesecake or cheesecake elements in/on a cake for a birthday? :thinking:


We get to choose ours from 1-10 so she wrote the numbers in the boxes where I pointed and then I wrote the numbers in words because she isn’t dead confident with digits.

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Saw a little dog scrabbling at various front doors and just as i was about to approach it, the owner let it in

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Everyone I’ve fed it to has gone bananas for it. Looks pretty basic but maybe that’s the key to the delicious surprise that awaits…underwhelm them.

I think Van Gogh was Belgian m8.

I do know this is incorrect.


I could make it look really pretty, too…

think I’ll go to a proper greengrocer or market to get a decent orange or two