Evening time is here, are you?

A fraisier! The lightest summeriest cake ever!


Might make one of these for my birthday.


It was my birthday cake!! Specifically requested it, in winter no less, cause it’s so delish!

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Yeah, I’ve actually only ever made it when i was getting veg boxes from mccalls and had some of the best oranges ever in there.

Mine goes a lot darker as my oven burns everything and seems a lot juicier in terms of how much glaze is on it and soaked into it.

Pretry rustic but quite like my permanently burned cakes these days


Went out with the girl from the bad first dates thread last night and had an amazing time.
Went to a terrible gig, had an mdma fuelled talking therapy session the watched the full second season of Russian doll.

Going to bed at 10am has completely fucked me though.



Just found a McFlurry in the freezer


Wish i was still mopping my walls

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Watching some true crime TV, tired out as usual. Might be having a haircut in a bit if we can cba. That’s about it I’m afraid.

He was such a dude wasn’t he!

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I’m dying my hair, in an attempt to return to being blonde party Rob before the Great Escape next week (as opposed to boring brown haired Rob). I don’t want to get dye on a hoody, but I’m so cold my nose is running. Brrr.

Wish I was safebruv ngl. Instead I’m just in after finishing work and voting. Watered the garden. No having dinner before going to bed and getting up at 4 (four!).30 tomorrow morning

Yeah!! So glad I got to learn more about him and his work, was so so good. Amazing how relatable one person’s life can be all these years later too. Glad I went on my own so I could really immerse myself in it. Had no idea just how many paintings he did!

Was cute watching the kids there be absolutely amazed at his paintings, especially when they were animated to come to life.

His Japanese style paintings were beautiful too, had no idea about them.

Mate I’m that bored and lonely on my own that I went on a second date with someone that genuinely scared me a bit on the first one.

Could’ve gone west very easily


One of my all time atds is running in these elections, wonder if he’ll win. Would be weird Imo


Reform UK?

Just did 3 votes. My new passport arrived today, finally confirming my married name, so it’s the last time I’ll vote under my old name too.


Cannabis is not a crime party


Nah, Labour. Proper labour nerd for life type guy

Probs one for the politics thread but was a bit shocked we don’t even have a Labour candidate here? I knew there was no point voting for them and they made bollocks all effort here but I didn’t realise they’d just fucked it off, ha.

Did have a small moment where I thought “… could I?!” but then a man in a cardigan had a bit of a tone with me and I wasn’t sure whether to cry or tell him he had ugly shoes and realised I’ve not got the minerals


But it didn’t. I’m sat at home with a passive aggressive partner (no idea), crying kids and the house is anxiety inducingly messy. Literally gonna give up being an adult I think.