Evening time

Hungry. Woefully misjudged my baked bean stock. Probably just going to bed soon and ignoring all the work I’m super behind on and definitely have to do tonight.

Please tell me you have less bleak evenings ahead?



I’ve been doing housework all day. Have managed not to eat (by mistake) and got some slightly positive news amongst everything else so there’s that.

Going to have a chippy for tea and watch the football.


Had a bit of a busy day today - I feel like work is going to be hectic tomorrow, and I have the anxiety hangover from a job interview earlier today. Really hoping life starts improving soon :confused:

That said, the tea I cooked was well nice and there’s a portion left for later this weeeek



Weird day - a client had me booked in for the day, and then seemed to sort of forget I was there so I just did some other work instead. I sent them some bits and pieces and asked for some things I needed so it’s not like I was hiding from them… but I’ll take the money cheers :man_shrugging:

On the way home, gonna have aubergine and mozarella for dinner (and probably do more work wahhh)

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would be nice to have a fuckload of money, wouldn’t it.


Just finished at the gym. Had a 99p bargain mcvegan burger. Forgot to say no ketchup so threw most of it away.


useful knowledge for you all, and apparently verified information


Hectic day at work then did the shopping afterwards. Had fancy Morrisons pizza for tea though so that was nice.

Evening all!

Pizza for tea here because Wor Lass can’t be bothered to plan meals at the moment. It was OK.

I played football against a group of ESOL students. The score was 5-5 but I reckon we’ll have them next time.

I’m going to log onto work email because I checked out early today but I’m not pleased about it. I’m on strike again tomorrow.

Love office day of the week. So unbelievably depressed found myself fighting tears at my desk twice for no actual reason. Just because I was there I guess.
Bought a sparkly tie for a wedding this weekend though so guess I’m carrying on.

found out one of my students is the kid of an ambassador. might put my rates up like 500%. are ambassadors rich?

  • ambassadors are rich, just like the ferrero rocher advert
  • depends on where they’re from, but probably not

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Ask to be paid in Rocher.


Taskmaster, fajitas, S3 Twin Peaks, maybe uno (1) beer, primavera planning

Kiddo is wide awake at 9pm, grizzly as hell. I’m so mentally exhausted.

Pfft. Been up the docs or l’hôpital for most of the afternoon. B has a bad case of croup. I can hear him struggling to breathe as he sleeps. Reckon I’m in for a shitty night again. Already phoned in for tomorrow

My old cat held one for thirteen years, my brother terrorised him as a child and the cat literally never forgave him


We took this family pic to send to my mum in 2013 when she was abroad and the way the cat is looking at my brother still makes me laugh today


Either way it’s nice to think your cat’s forgotten why it’s mad exactly, but it’s still mad.

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Decanted the elderflower cordial we made yesterday and there’s shitloads. It’s delicious (and now looks like we’re collecting jars of piss)


There’s a show contest thing called britain’s best takeaway on beeb 2 featuring an indian/italian fusion crew that does a saag paneer pizza. My brothers in christ, the perfect food surely.

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