Evening (tonight Wednesday)


What’s happening?
Just watched the leak of game of thrones
Gonna play sonic and watch football ithink. Or celebrity master chef.


Celebrity Masterchef innit.


Watching celebrity mc.

Going camping tomorrow, it’s going to rain. Luckily only heading 18 minutes up the road so can come home if it is a nightmare!

Think I recognise maybe quarter of the celebs, my early money is on Vic Reeves. Edit : Jim Moir


Why they calling him Jim? :confused:


No clue…it is what he calls himself on Twitter


Jim’s short for Vic


Celebrity Masterchef and eating cashews.

Got absolutely terrible :wind_face:


Just watched Pickle Rick. Thought the Solenya story was spectacular.


Did enjoy pickle rick


Watching celeb masterchef

  • I’m watching celeb master chef
  • I have a life

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nothing to see here


Oh damn you.




Need to take some stuff to the new flat. And stay over cos left my iron and all the shirts that go with my suit there (which I need to wear to work tomorrow).

Really cannae be arsed. Had a really depressing presentation on work’s changes to sickness policy earlier and whenever I think about it get pretty fucked off.

Probably finish series 1 of the office. Anyway gonna ring a taxi.


feel like I’ll never get any of the jobs I’m applying for. not had any rejections yet but I’m starting to doubt myself. does anyone have senior HR or recruitment experience that they’d be willing to donate 5 minutes of? :woman_office_worker:

im not sure if I’m just being too picky in only applying for jobs I would love to do


Been feeling like crap (mostly mentally) the last few days so I’m hiding in the spare room all night again #thuglife


My experience of job hunting is just to apply for everything until you don’t care what interviews you get.

Least helpful advice unless your personal statement copy/ paste game is in the ascendancy.


Heading out to see Andrew Maxwell at the fringe. Just set up R&M and two episodes of GoT to download, might watch one when I get back if I’m arsed


Going to have to start applying this to my application process. Having zero luck.