Evening Weddoe


Just off for a bath. Had a lovely walk today.

Hbu huns? Hope you’re all staying safe and well xxx


Hi tilty! Been pretty productive today; posted some stuff, did the shopping, did some laundry, did some gardening, cleaned out the firepit. Gonna hit the gin and relax a lot now.

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Might do a food shop :grimacing::mask:

evening ya shower swanky bastards,

hope everyone is keeping well and safe. I’m gonna make some malaysian curry type thing tonight whilst drinking copious amounts of beer and wine. and also listening to records.


Had some oven dinner. homemade potato wedges and Quorn sausage rolls with peas and sweetcorn…not mixed of course…

Going to watch some junk and drink a wine.

Need to do a big shop tomorrow…got no fruit left and need some Easter stuff…looking forward to the Sunday Easter dinner thread.

cheers Slick :wine_glass:


Evening all. Done a good amount of work today. Going to have some food then listen to a podcast or two in the bath. Trying not to get a beer out of the fridge as I know I’ll be drinking on our balcony every afternoon/evening from tomorrow until Monday.

Sat in the garden for a bit earlier. Was good. Also made some makeshift barrier under the shed to stop rainwater going under there, getting manky and then getting my slabs all bogging. It looks ridiculous but hopefully it’ll help.

Wee man ate very little of his dinner and it’s so frustrating and worrying because he’s not growing the way he should - felt a bit like greeting about it earlier to be honest.

Ended up getting a dominos for me and the wife - vastly reduced menu they are offering and very much inessential so feel a wee bit guilty about that but it really hit the spot, I’m not going to lie.

5 beers, 13 fruit pastilles, 2 kisses

It’s been

Since you took your love away


Robin hanging out in my front garden.

Chicken with soy and a shit load of garlic


Standard dominos order? Meatfielder here. Depending on deals: fucking huge one, two medium ones, or add garlic bread / cookies.

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Large create your own with tandoori chicken, meatballs, pepperoni and chorizo
Cheesey garlic bread
Chicken strippers

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Is the wee man a fussy eater or just not interested in eating?!

Don’t be feeling guilty about getting a dominoes or anything else for that matter right now ma man, do what makes you, the wife and the wee man happy. :+1:


Fucking hell, I think you’re the king of food. Are you adopting? I’m free to a good home

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I’ll see if the cat fancies sharing the sofa.

Ah crap. Am allergic :sob::sob::sob:

I’ll see if she’ll move out.

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good evening tiltastic and everyone! Hope you are doing well x

Been having fun finding stupid videos on youtube


Listening to the Blindboy Podcast on the recommendation of a friend, it’s strange but oddly soothing?