Evening Wednesday crew


I really want to wrap some presents but my wrapping paper I arriving on Friday with my food shop. Bah!

I bought a fabric fish on a cardboard plate from my mate as a present to myself. It’s awesome.

How about you?



Work (with leftover buffet from my day working work buddies! Actually looking forward to going in for a night shift. Weird)

Evening, evening


Hi Scout, :wave:

Great fish!

Waiting for my son’s imminent return, I can regale you all with tales of my day after I have got him off to bed (spoiler: I did everything I said I would do in the morning thread)



Had a decent nap after an 11hr day. Bubble and squeak, pigs in blankets and fried eggs for tea. Masterchef and bed I reckon.


Not started Feud yet. Sounds like a good night. I might have a bath too now you mention it. Are you into bubbles, or other luxurious bath additions?


Sounds like a marvellous meal! I’d never think to do it with eggs.

Wouldn’t get that on masterchef.


I too am about to start bedtime to I’ll look forward to catching up on your day!


Runny yolks and bubble and squeak. Yummers


:wave: Hiya :smiley:

I like your fish!

I’m gonna do the washing up, hoover, have a bath, read my book, wrap some gifts and go to bed . Not sure which order just yet.


I think pretty much that order really, though the gift wrapping could come sooner.

I really need to hoover but she’s scared of it so I’m stuck until I can offload her for half an hour.

Have you got a Xmas tree up? I can’t see any lights from here (whereas mine are in the mad flashing setting and probably visible for miles)


I do have a tree up! :slight_smile:

Heres a shit photo if it in the dark :laughing:


evening all

spent the afternoon playing bad Mega Drive versions of TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy with mrs_t_england. we both lost on Jeopardy, I lost in the final of Wheel of Fortune, and I won at Family Feud. then I completed Mean Bean Machine. also watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, as per the other thread.

not being at work is ace


Allo. Got my hours confirmed at school for the new year which is a mighty relief. Start on the 9th too, which is rad.

Trying to ignore all the Catalan election stuff over here tbh. Looking forward to a bit of good, proper, no nonsense British politics over Christmas tbh


Got a Christmas party/drinks thing at our house tonight. Just made a big old batch of chicken satay skewers. Not looking too bad :slight_smile:


That is a really terrible photo but I accept it as proof of tree.


I’m scared of hoovering too :smile:


you know when you can feel Christmas on your hips? i have that already…

holidays are ON - getting the baileys / wine and chocolates out very shortly.


What a brilliant day! Actually played on a megadr or a simulator or something?


ours is up.

R used to be scared of the hoover, climbed up my legs wailing if anywhere near one…same with hand dryers and drills…

Grew out of it at about 3 or 4. Make the most of the excuse :slight_smile: