Evening Wednesday crew


Merry Cheesemas!


I’m taking a stance on all these Instagram nerds talk g arty posed photos of trees n that.

Just you wait until I take a photo of tea


I’m at work until 8:30 tonight, then home for Salmon, Jacket Potato and Peas for dinner.

I was supposed to be off work all next week, but someone asked if I could go in on the Wednesday as they’ve got a long way to travel back from visiting family and no one else would cover for them. I agreed, and instantly regretted it.


Yum! Party food is the best. I love Christmas buffet season.


Well, I’ve got some natural sea mineral bubble bath and I’m actually using candles tonight. My brother could walk into the flat at any minute and I don’t like having the main light on (because of possible perverts looking at my perfectly sculpted torso from the flats behind) and I would usually leave the door open with the landing light on. So, yeah. Candles tonight.

Enjoy your bath and enjoy Feud when you get to it. It’s really very quite good indeed!


Bunked off work this afternoon and did all of my Christmas shopping bar one present in local charity shops

  • You tight cunt smee
  • An admirable reluctance to waste Earth’s resources

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emulator on my laptop - my Mega Drive doesn’t work any more :frowning:



*early night tbh


I’m ting to get hold of the marks and Spencer chocolate and coconut cream which is vegan baileys, it’s sold out everywhere!

I have Xmas on my hips, and all the rest of the year. Got to lose so much weight, but not until after the binge that is Xmas


But think how virtuous you’ll feel for helping someone out


Home alone tonight and got some @profk kievs in the oven. Hey that almost says Prokofiev


Mine does! Do you want it??


Will you be setting traps with paint tins?


Someone post some bouncing tunes for whilst I wash up pls


It’s ace. Pickled onions, a shit load of cheeses, black olive crackers, Twiglets (controversial I know), that £1 supermarket white bread with the really chewy crust … Heck yes. All the good stuff.

I have no self control at the Christmas buffet table though!


Feeling really worried about my future and having lots of negative thoughts lately, going to be trying to ignore those this evening I think


Jnr dips her breadsticks in the vinegar in the pickled onion jar :joy:


You’re tonight’s hero, smee.

Can I ask what ‘sides’ you’ll be having with the Kiev?


Sorry to hear that Bam.


What does the whole anglos a thing mean? Always wanted to know