Evening! Wednesday Thread

How everyone doing this fine evening? What ya’ll up to?

Finishing up work here shortly, head home dinner, drinks, music. Same ole on this end.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas they say. :smile:


i’ll be out in Vegas in april, i’ll keep an eye out for them.

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Got a cold, done nothing all day. Sat around being cold. Should probably get a takeaway or something.

Feeling crap, don’t think I’ll be up for GOTV tomorrow. Just gonna feel miserable and awful all day tomorrow as well. Fuckkk sake

oooo, now I’m officially hungry again.

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Hope you feel better soon!

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Weirdly today had more positive interaction with my rubbish ex than I did my family, felt bizarre. We both told R why things the conservatives do are very bad so we will be voting for Labour as they will try to do things which are good. Nice reminder that at least I wasn’t a total idiot falling for him as he might be awful but he isn’t tory bad :wink:

Shouldn’t booze tonight but probably will as nerves are shot to fuck.


Did my last round of leafletting. Someone got really bolshy and said “EXCUSE ME MATE COULD YOU NOT PUT THAT ONE THROUGH MY DOOR PLEASE MATE THE ONE WITH THE LIGHT ON MATE” and I think I irked him by being very genial and saying “no worries!”

'er indoors got me a weighted blanket as an early Christmas present so I’m not going to lie under that for a bit. Possibly until at least Friday.


My sons running around the house claiming hes an inter-dimensional being with no gender.

Well alright then.


Fajitas for dinner.

We started watching ‘The Night Of’ and I hate it already. Shite.

Ooh, is it that good? Would love to have a weighted blanket but they always seem so expensive, big risk to take.

Standard Wednesday evening.

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Mine are all in the “fed up with all of them” camp and it is driving me mad, you have my sympathy x

(though at least none are voting tory)

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Car’s fucked. Massive money dread :+1::ok_hand:

Cooking a banging curry, listening to a 2019 playlist. May apply for a job. MasterChef and the apprentice later. Beer.

Had a big day today

But besides that I saw the most relatable meme I have ever seen


Oh…Vote Labour


It has a silky side and a cosy side and is quite comforting.

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Hi. Went for an eye test earlier and ordered new glasses and some prescription sunglasses. Bought Mrs F some glittery shower thing from Lush too so I look forward to that being all over the shower for days. Had slow cooked pulled pork for tea, now watching trashy TV and trying not to think about stuff.


i’d have 100% made sure he had a leaflet through the door at that point

I had a bagel for breakfast this morning. They’re the best. Soft, crispy, chewy and a bit juicy? I love them so much.

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