Evening (Wednesday)

Evening all.

Had to get out my flat for a bit to allow some viewings to take place.

Just having a nice soya flat white but they don’t last long so might go the pub for a pint.

Took Gravity’s Rainbow back to the library because I can’t be bothered with it anymore.

What’s everyone up to? What’s for your evening meal?

Pasta bolognese.

Playing football later but hopefully watching LA Confidential before I do.

Still tidying the spare room… why do simple tasks take me so long :frowning:

At work until 8.30ish. one more day then a three day weekend

Going to see a film that’s almost certainly going to be terrible, but I fancy getting out of the house and there’s not much else on.

Whats the film?

I have made it to the pub.

Just made the bf watch the It Comes At Night trailer and I’m not sure he’s sold. What he doesn’t know is he will be coming to see it with me on Friday night whether he wants to or not, for it has been written… on DiS. As a result I now have the smashing pumpkins stuck in my head.

Dinner… still no idea, I’m on my way to the supermarket! I will be buying prosecco.

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Staring at the TV and wondering why Home won’t come up

Off to the gym

It’s so fucking warm guysssss

Off out on the bike shortly. Pub after.

That doesn’t sound as good as Radiohead.


Just had a particularly frustrating call with my US colleagues. Gonna let off some steam at the climbing wall. Although it will be mad crowded and far too hot so I’ll probably just train. Not sure how much steam I can let off just hanging on things tbh.

Hello/hullo. Having pasta w/ asparagus for tea. Not doing much, gotta send a few emails i’ve been putting off and maybe start my tax return :grimacing:

Warm out innit?

Ooh also got 2 of 3 things i’m doing at worm signed off today so tomorrow could be my last day. Wooohooo.

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Struggling to believe the sheer holistic beauty of Gravity’s Rainbow didn’t move you to tears. SMH mate. SMH.

(I’ve had a couple of runs at it and haven’t found anything in there to keep me going to the end)

According to the weekly meal plan I should be cooking a curry but it’s too warm for that noise. Gonna propose a takeaway as soon as the gf gets back from slimming world. Which is probably insensitive but there’s no way I’m cooking anything this evening.


Getting burnt whilst enjoying a swifty :beer: - the local seems to have set up their own outdoor pimms bar / shed.


Very valid point :grimacing: I forgot I was considering that.

Im wearing a winter coat and a wool cardigan :sweat: I am known round these parts for dressing inappropriately.

I’ve had my sushi. I’m not yet in my pants.

That looks ace. If I sat outside the pub I would 5m from cars and bins.

I’m wearing a winter jumper with no t-shirt underneath, so warm.