Evening Wednesdayers

Had a rotten day tbh.

Going to bed for 8, or might stare at the wall for a bit. Not paid it much attention lately. Poor old wall.

What you guys up to?

I need to wash my hair and make dinner but I’ve also got an assessment tomorrow that I’m so unprepared for :sob:

Awww good luck


I was supposed be going for veggie haggis tacos then to see Holy Spider at 6.

But totally fucked up because the place that did the tacos didn’t open til 6 and there isn’t at showing of Holy Spider today.

So went to see Empire of Light and now am awaiting tacos

Wish my local veggie haggis place had it in after Burns night. It’s so good, no need for it to be seasonal.


Had a “virtual coffee” for new joiners at work earlier. Reckon there was about 15 of us on the call and we had to take it in turns to introduce ourselves etc. Everyone else spoke like they do public speaking for a living, cracking jokes and everything, no nervousness in their voice at all. My voice was really shaking and I felt my face getting flushed as well. Even the person fresh from uni was fine at it. Don’t really get why I’m so bad at it or how everyone else breezes through it.

You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea

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Stuck an Acaster Netflix thing on. My God he’s shite.

Evening DiS

I’ve got the fear that I’m coming down with something. Sore throat, headache, tired. Uh oh!

Another problem that could be quite easily solved by simply moving to Scotland

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Meeting the only person I know outside of work, that isn’t part of my family, for a couple of beers in a @profk favourite

It’s raining outside, but it’s still dead cold.


I sure want to :relaxed:


Going for a drive with my Dad to get some practice in. Might make him listen to Tortoise in the car.

Will buy some cans then.

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Still not done any of these things

First time in here since DiSmeat Winch 2020 edition. Shocked it’s been so long

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Eating Christmas tree chocolates and watching taskmaster for the first time. Feeling an early night.

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Lovely pub that

Aye a belter. Dead quiet tonight which is lovely too

Gonna go home and watch my tv then get in my bed

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