Evening Wednesdayers

It’s a Monday night. All being well, we’re seeing her the Saturday before in Birmingham and on the Wednesday in London. Would have LOVED to see her in Brighton though.

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Thought I didn’t want chocolate after my dinner (which was only an hour ago) so i put my aligners back in. Regretting that now, should have had chocolate

thought for me to go to bed with

is there a reason why a coca cola or pepsi drink tastes much better in a glass than it does in a can

and with that

nigh night, disers

Hey guys. I had a great evening out chatting total bollocks with my only mate in this place. 5pts is a good buzz eh. Back on the wagon then tomorrow


would quite like to not believe I’m imminently dying every time I feel a pain somewhere


same innit. fucking exhausting.

I wish!

Two other dates :dancer: