Evening wee angels

Did a private tour of the museum earlier and, oh boy, my ‘culture’ team at work are a load of over paid chancers :smiling_face_with_tear:

My friend is cooking for me, which is a total delight as it was crisps on the menu otherwise (I’ve had a mars ice cream before dinner, as is my weakness) . Picked up some more melon drink so going to have some gin melons, do a bit of work, and watch something silly later :blush:

Wuu2 huns? What’s on the menu?

Is anyone feeling like a goblin lately?


Thank you for calling us angels, that’s so kind x


Hi! Yeah I feel like a goblin too. Feeling a bit sad weird. Need to take stuff out to the bin but have been sitting for an hour and a half contemplating doing it cos I cba with the prospect of bumping into any neighbours. Very tempted to dip into the savings and get something nice for tea instead of the planned soup or beans on toast.

Maybe the football later will be good.

Oh no, goblin solidarity :japanese_goblin:


I bought one of those melon drinks yesterday.

Very nice actually.


Feeling somewhat goblin-y. Am moving house next week then planning to hibernate for winter which will hopefully help.

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Stopped on the off license on the way back from work and picked up some beers. I want to watch Evangelion again but to be honest, can’t be bothered with the first half of it… so will probably just gormlessly watch breaking bad

Having leftover mac and cheese as well, healthy lifestyle over here

Was doing some work related to a new product our company is releasing. The price is based on site size, and for some reason, somewhere along the line, someone decided we’d use Acres. Our system works, as you’d expect, on square metres… I despair.


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Mars ice creams are one of the things I miss most about dairy. I feel sad that I didn’t eat more of them before my body pulled the plug on dairy consumption. If only my dad had recognised earlier in life that he and all his relatives were also lactose intolerant it would have at least given me some advance notice to stuff my face with Mars ice creams before I turned 20 and my supply of dairy enzymes dried up

Rarely do I not feel like a goblin, but I think this time of year makes me particularly gobliny as I go from summer to hiding under a blanket at all times and never going outside

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On the plus side, just remembered and managed to fill out our ESTAs for next month.

I don’t usually like internet language but I LOVE the phrase “goblin mode”


Had a pretty rough day for various reasons. But I’m about to go out for enchiladas and maybe even some dessert, and by this time (ish) tomorrow I’ll be on «my» island up north. :blue_heart:

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Yeah, despite being a happy hermit I have definitely noticed increased gobliness lately as I’ve seen fewer people. But because I’m full goblin I also think I look too much like one to make anyone suffer looking at me long enough to socialise and improve my mood.

The goblin bind.

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Fwiw, I do feel like I have goblin mode somewhat activated right now

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My period is killing me and it’s not even day one yet. Grrrr.

Making cauliflower tacos and wedges followed by below deck and MAFS

Gonna lie on the sofa and watch everything everywhere all at once and hope I don’t fall asleep

Goblin is great. I also sometimes feel a bit gremlin, which is sort of more unpredictable state and prone to more quick changing mood swings - nerd gremlin, stripe the naughty gremlin, a flash of cuteness then back to full on slimy mogwai eating after midnight and whistling a sad tune to myself in the dark :sweat_smile:

They sounds delicious!

I hope to one day encounter a gremlin but I’d be fearful of encountering a goblin. I’m not sure how reasonable this is really