Evening, what song is this pls?

castles made of sand?

is this a game or have you saved a screenshot of a tab and forgotten what it is?

It’s a game but I don’t know the answer. It’s a clue my wife’s been given which may or may not mean she has a surprise Glastonbury ticket. In which case it’s probably a song by one of the headliners

Very badly played sweet child o mine




Reigning Blood

think this is a dastardly trick, if you know a jack johnson song by sight you’re automatically barred from winning anything. quite rightly

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Cheers! In my defence, this garbage song was played every 15 minutes by XFM when I first moved to London.


Grabbed the guitar and it does indeed sounds like Better Together.

I hate knowing that, but working in HMV in the mid noughties meant I heard that album of his with a yellow cover approximately 8 billions times.

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Thank you, i think that’s it!

Right, everybody out.