How’s it going?

Got some kind of work appraisal tomorrow, tempted to give them a piece of my mind and threaten to hand my notice in.

i bought some vegan chocolate but it’s grim

Hey Bam! Good thanks, I’m sat on the sofa watching Sherlock with a beer and I’ve just sent my bf out to get me a doughnut. He’s a keeper :heart_eyes:

Good luck tomorrow! Sorry to hear you’re not happy with work. I hope it goes well for you.

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Evening Bam! All’s good here. Drinking a cup of tea, listening to Zombi and reading that fantastic FFVII article mute_branches posted in the gaming thread. Will meet some old friends for a drink later.

Also, one housemate is going through the demos of her new album with a bandmate while another (my best mate and the reason I live here) is packing up before he moves out for three months to go travelling. It’s a weird evening in Shando (our name for our house).

I hope it goes well for you in work man. Rooting for you.

Can I look forward to Sherlock or is it balls (no spoilers pls)
Maybe I should get my gf a doughnut tonight…

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Cba because of how crap everything is, no end in sight, blah blah blah.

just want to quit, make music for a few months then kill myself. Job done

Doesn’t work like that though does it because of how all the people are in the way all the time.

Hm this episode so far is mega mad… though I’m a wee bit braindead from travelling so I’m not sure if I’ve really taken it in properly. It’s worth a watch I reckon and you should always have a doughnut ready and waiting for your girlfriend :slight_smile:

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I’ve got to give someone a work appraisal for the first time, I am equally uncomfortable giving positive feedback as negative. Kind of want to write ‘no complaints’ followed with a thumbs up emoji. Like who am I to give anyone areas for development

Evening Bam! (this phrase is in my predictive spelling)

I quite enjoy appraisals because they generally quite supportive in my industry.

No plans tonight but might do some work if Wor Lass goes to bed early.

Alright folks,
Not long back from my first trip to the gym in a few weeks, slight struggle, glad I went though.
Dinner sofa etc

Evening everyone!

Hope you’re appraisal goes well Bam! I’ve got one at some point this week too and likewise I’m a bit nervous about it.

Off to the local (ish) indie cinema with my sister and her boyfriend to see Paterson. Should be nice to catch up with them.

Bought some new DMs from TK Maxx recently. Need to wear them in before I head to the lands of ice and snow next week, so I’ve been making sure to walk 2 miles a day in them to try to wear them in (got a fitbit). Went out for a walk earlier, and I came back and my feet don’t hurt- so this is progress.

Otherwise I’m sorting out a load of crap my mum dredged out of the garage. I don’t really want to do it (or actually want almost all of the stuff), but it needs doing. I’m kind of in that “feels like there’s stuff everywhere” stage right now though, which is the worst bit.

God breaking them in like that sounds fairly tough, I’ve been wearing mine about the house for the last few weeks and they’re still p tough

Well I did house-wearing, but it wasn’t cutting it. I’d rather have sore feet now, while unemployed, than have them hurting when I’m in snow and going to and from work. I’m gonna be in Central Europe for 6 weeks, in their snowy season, and working in schools for 5 of those.

Can you share the article duck?

These ones. Was pretty surprised to get them in TK Maxx, in a 6, aka the most popular women’s shoe size, that they never have anything decent left in.

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I can confirm It was a good one! Watch it!

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