I’m feeling kinda bleak and a bit suicidal.

How are you?


My uncle just died out of the blue, relatively, about 5 minutes ago. i’m on a train back to home (in london) and prob going to drive home-home to mum or something. Relentless few months.

edit: relatively was not a play on words but i’m okay with it being seen as such


fuck man that’s awful!

Thoughts and prayers to you


Thanks dude. Slightly just sort of beige about it. Punishing little while so i’m slightly more numb in general at the mo. Maybe that’s good


mourning is always different, I’m very sorry anyway


So sorry to hear that pal. X


The French guy in our office is wearing a t-shirt with horizontal black and white stripes :slight_smile:


sorry xylo, sounds like a rough time at the moment :confused:

really over this job i’m doing, hope it’s going to finally fuck off tomorrow. need a new career.


Sending positive thoughts to @Bamnan and @xylo - sounds like tough times.


They genuinely don’t know it’s a thing. Especially the onions. Let him know and watch his rage.


Wifey binned every striped top she had upon becoming aware of it


I’ve already called him on it and it turns out he is aware. He’s been living in the US for like 5 years, so I guess he’s been exposed to the stereotype.


Fair. He’s ‘taking it back’ for frenchies






Sorry to hear that. Thoughts are with you.


I hurt my back at the gym on Sunday. Today it’s been pretty painful getting out a seat especially my car.

Tonight I’m going to relax keeping up to date with transfer deadline day.

I’ve never had a sick day apart from when I broke my foot. I might do tomorrow though.


That’s shit. Hope you and your family will be ok :frowning:

Gonna watch football, practice my Japanese and go to bed at half 9ish I think.

Got some haribo.


Shit man, really sorry to hear that xylo, hope you’re as good as you can be all things considered