How’s it going guys? I’m trying really hard to resist the urge to get beer and snacks.

So if you were to get beer and snacks tonight what would you go for?

good events bamnan

gonna brave the fierce wind and go walking (with a cameo appearance by running)

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got a cracking headache. gonna eat some dinner and drink water and then go to bed at 8pm.

I went for a little run earlier as we had some sunshine today. Was good!


I’ve already eaten a load of cake today so gonna avoid snacks for a bit. Going to head home in a minute, need to sort my room later.

I’m bored of being cold. It’s really cold all the time

Sup bam. Off to see that Tegan ‘n’ Sara with the TV :grinning:

Think I’ll pop out for one to see yer man Severed’s band in a while


Gonna make some fajitas and do very little on the sofa

Drinking this bad boy. Probably ought to head on home soon


i’m easing myself into the running. phase two of Operation Stop Being A Fat Bastard

Hey Bam, good evening everyone :slight_smile:

I drank so much beer over the weekend I need a break for a wee while (a day or so) but I still have quite a good few left in the fridge, if I was going to have one it would be the Omnipollo pineapple gose, it’s brilliant OR, if it is still kicking about I’d have one of these -

I haven’t had one for ages and I miss it so! Snacks… does a burger count? Because I’d be well up for one of those Burgermeister cheeseburgers I had under a bridge in Berlin. Phwoar. Dribble. drool.

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good evenING

Went for a 10k walk earlier through nearby countryside. Stopped at a nice pub for a pint.

I need to get the oven warming for dinner but instead I’m sat in the dark as I don’t want to disturb the cat sleeping on my lap.

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I’ve just had a lamb and aubergine pie and having some Whiskey. Raising my glass to you buddy x

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I’m about to go watch Trust Fund do a solo set.


Evening Bam! Evening everyone else!

Spent a day doing life admin and house admin, followed by catching up on my reading while listening to Herbie Hancock. Pretty good fucking day tbh.

Housemate’s last night here tonight so we’re going to have a few beers later. Going to miss him so much. He’s been one of my best mates for so long.

Where’s your housemate off to Kg?

I would have definitely gotten some chocolate (possibly chocolate ice cream even) but I don’t have any money and it’s very cold outside. The closest thing I have available to a snack is some fucking carrots, but I’m PMS’ing and carrots will definitely NOT help my chocolate cravings.

Think I need a new laptop. Current one keeps struggling to load up. Currently have a black screen of death going on

Black screen of death, great band!